Don't Miss Out!


Festival of Stars

April 18

Alliance Church


soloists and small


April 19

OSCVI Auditorium


Bands, Orchestras

and Choirs


April 21

Georgian College

Marine Simulator

April 28th

For the luncheon at

Beth Ezekiel Synagogue, we need to know if you plan to attend.

Please email:

Thank You!

PP Don Sweatman


K Blake Bonham

for volunteering to represent our club at the Terrific Kids Assemblies on April 29.

PP Don will be at Keppel Sarawak while K Blake will be at Alexandra School.

Keep those guests and new memberships coming!

50/50 Draw Winner or should we say...

25/25/50 winners are

K Blake and PP Elwood Moore divvying up the winnings.


The Builder April 14th

A Fine Time!

Nineteen Kiwanians and one guest attended our luncheon meeting at Stone Tree Golf anad Country Club. K Gord Harris brought Bruce Jobe as a guest today. For two weeks in a row there has been no tardy tally. Our mystery greeter K Kerry Lee reported that everyone shook her hand and K Steve Sired threw in a hug for good measure.

PP Andy Drury paid the price for not filling in his attendance slip correctly as well as for to his vocal stylings. Clearly there are others in attendance who sing in PP Andy's choir. There ought to be a law...

PLG Al Kelly appealed to PP Dave Parsons to fine PP Jed Phillips for not assisting new Kiwanians at his table with the song book. However, PP Dave turned the tables and fined PLG Al instead...a case of musical chairs indeed!

K Ted Horton confessed to a trip to Phoenix Arizona. PP Don Sweatman announced his WOW trip to Myrtle Beach for a golf vacation. PP Don's explanation of WOW is With Out Wife but Karen's sage interpretation is Wife Off Work.

K Stew Andrew returned unscathed from a trip to Killbear Provincial Park. PP Peter Little confessed to a trip from England to Scotland as part of his Macbeth acting experience. "Fair is foul and foul is fair" so a fine was definitely in order.

PP Elwood Moore upheld the Kiwanis tradition of ratting on your fellow member by reporting that PP Dave Parsons had a trip to Phoenix Arizona and Branson Missouri. He's strumming a sad country tune in Fine minor now.

K Gord was revved up about his first motorcycle trip this year to Toronto, dropping his kickstand down to take in the motorcycle trade show.

Happy Loonie Days!

A happy toonie popped up from K Gord Harris to express gratitude for the hefty bag of pop tabs brought in by K Ted Horton. K Stu Luckhardt paid a toonie to thank everyone for the card Pat received.

PP Jed Phillips celebrated as he and Jane will soon be the proud owners of an Australian Shepherd. They have been to the kennel north of Wiarton checking out their puppy.

"The Australian Shepherd is intelligent, very alert and eager, with strong herding and guarding instincts. He is good natured, never shy, fearful or aggressive toward people and is very loyal to his family." They say that a dog and his owner share similar characteristics...not bad K Jed.

Speaker's Corner!

IPG Gary Levine spoke to the club about Kiwanis building leaders. He talked about the nomination process for the benefit of new Kiwanians and then provided the names put forward thus far for this coming year’s Kiwanis Board and Executive. Members who have volunteered their names are PLG Al Kelly, K Sean McMurray, K Bill Sornberger, K Doug Cleverly, K Paul Strimas, Treasurer Paul Kirk and President Elect PLG Linda Van Aast.


Members are reminded that there is still time to put their name forward for a position on the Board. The election of new officers will take place at our meeting on May 5th.

K Steve Sired outlined the great work being done at Whispering Pines for the benefit of new Kiwanians. Steve also spoke about our rental trailers. One such trailer will be made available for a week this summer for a family in need of a summer break.