The Builder for April 19th

There were seventeen Kiwanians present at our Thursday luncheon.

Honourary Kiwanian Ann Kelly accompanied PLG Al Kelly to the meeting and both received a hearty applause. We are happy to see PLG Al is on the mend. The tardy trio of LGE Gail Norris, PP Andy Drury and K Russ Pierson were pleased with their welcoming applause as well.

DPP Bob Miller reminds us that while the Kiwanis Music Festival is underway this month, we should remember what that means to young aspiring musicians. During Gordon Lightfoot's interview on CBC on Thursday, while he stated he had performed at Massey Hall 150 times, his first performance was at the age of 13 when he sang at the Kiwanis Music Festival. The first time ever I saw... his face indeed!

Are you as Smart as...


PLG Al Kelly created a challenging quiz to test the knowledge of all Kiwanians present.  There were 36 questions dealing with politics, Kiwanis, geography and general information. PLG Al, ever the teacher, keeps trying to improve our minds... PP Peter Little was the best student scoring 25/36 and he won a prize donated by PLG Al.


A Fine Time!

PE Gord confessed to a trip with PP Don Sweatman and K Bruce Jobe to Port Dover for the Friday the 13th motorcycle rally. They proudly wore their Kiwanis International Motorcycle Club patches. PE Gord Harris offered $10 to boast about his tenth grandchild - another baby boy. PE Gord will need quite the sidecar to accommodate his grand babies...

K Sean McMurray took advantage of the assess your own fines time. He jumped up and assessed himself a toonie for a trip to Detroit to watch three sports events. A cheap trifecta...

LGE Gail Norris confessed to a trip to London, Ontario to attend the 65th Key Club Convention.  As LGE Gail was attending a Kiwanis function, President Linda correctly did not assess a fine.

PP Bruce Price appealed to PP Peter Little to fine President Linda Van Aalst because as she passed out Past Governor Gary's Power of One pins, she said the “Power of One usually improves the club”.  Usually cost her a toonie.

K Paul Matthies was fined for his confession that he left his new Kiwanis Apron at Stone Tree. The lost is fined...


The President's Rose!


President Linda Van Aalst presented Kiwanian Bruce Jobe with the President's rose. He was recognized for his loyalty in helping out at our luncheon greeting table, his committee work and pitching in whenever there is a need. K Bruce has the true Kiwanis volunteer spirit!



Read Around the World is taking place once again. Thanks to K Sean McMurray who has volunteered to read at Dufferin School, PP Jed Phillips at Sydenham School, K Doug Cleverley at Hillcrest, K Peggy Moulaison at Alexandra School, DPP Bob Miller at Bayview School and PG Gary Levine at Keppel Sarawak School. We still need a reader at St. Basil's School. Books will be brought to the evening social at the Police Station. Please e-mail K Julia if you can help out with St. Basil's School.


Thanks as well to K James Culligan for his willingness to represent the club at the Keppel Sarawak Terrific Kids Assembly on April 27th.


The work party at Whispering Pines will be postponed to May 5th or May 12th. Stay tuned for the good weather day decision!