The Builder April 21st

A Fine Time!

Approximately 30 hands were on deck for our sail this week to Georgian College. Thinking our excursion to Georgian College was to be a luncheon and a tour, President Bob Miller was caught off guard. An impromptu meeting was organized before there was a mutiny below deck led by PP Dave Parsons. After some navigational confusion the 50:50 draw winner was K Rebecca Mills with a bounty of $25.00. After that, it was steady as you go...

K Kathie Nunno paid a $5.00 fine for her flashy new red Toyota Corolla. K Sean McMurray was sacked $5.00 for a trip with Lani to a football game in Michigan.

Happy Loonie Days!


Isla Rebecca Thomas

Kiwanis President Elect


Congratulations to PP John Prettie on the birth of his first grandaughter Isla Rebecca Thomas (pronounced eye-la). She was born on April 13th 2011 weighing 6lbs, 9 oz. Everyone is doing well now that PP John has been peeled off of Cloud Nine!

Hats off as well to K Paul Strimas on the birth of his twin grandsons, bringing his total to four. Never to be outdone, K Gord Harris announced the birth of his ninth grandchild, Owen Richard!


Georgian College Marine Simulator

Co-op Education Consultant Lise Mollon was our gracious host for our adventure on deck with the Georgian College Marine Simulator. The College has the most technologically advanced marine simulator training centre in North America. Graduates are equipped to meet the demand for seafarers with the highest qualifications, which contributes to the safety of marine operations in the Great Lakes shipping industry, and beyond.

Kiwanis Captain Rebecca Mills on Bridge #3 almost collided head on into another freighter. K Captain Russ Pierson wanted to unload the cargo of Kiwanians at a pier in Quebec harbour but wasn't able to "parallel park". K Captain Michelle Kobryn had to run for the rails from Bridge #1 to avoid disgracing herself on deck when she encountered the perils of rough seas while approaching New York.

Our quick but very enjoyable visits to the harbours of Quebec and New York had to be dry docked as we were called back to our duties on land . The hospitality of Lise Mollon and her colleagues was very much appreciated.  

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