The Builder April 28th


Our club paid a visit to Beth Ezekiel Synagogue this week for lunch. Beth Ezekiel is one of the last small town synagogues in Canada

Kiwanian Lorne Rich, in his usual humourous way,

provided the 24 members and guests with interesting facts about the synagogue and a glimpse into Judaism.


Leslie Robbins-Conway enlightened us further about Jewish holidays and how the commandments are incorporated in their lives.

We learned that the Jewish community has existed in O.S. since the City was founded and it moved to its current location in 1947 when the Calvary Church was purchased. The membership of the shul has fluctuated greatly from 100 families down to a low of 15. Currently there are 50 member families.

A number of families installed stained glass windows designed by Leigh Greaves of Artemisia Glass including those of K Rich and IPG Gary Levine. Each window depicts a family's story or remembrance of times past.

Check out the wonderful pictures PP John Prettie took of our tour of the synagogue:

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