The Builder for August 9th

There were 15 Kiwanians present at our Stonetree luncheon along with four guests. K James Culligan hosted Dr. Andy Fletcher, President Linda Van Aalst welcomed United Way Director Francesca Dobbin, K Steve brought his wife Flo while DP Bob Miller accompanied his wife Ann.

Speaker's Corner

K Doug Cleverley introduced the Chair of the Hospice Committee and former Mayor of Owen Sound, Ruth Lovell-Stanners as our special guest speaker this week. The Southwest LHIN Board recently approved a motion that paves the way for a 10 bed hospice and outreach program, the first ever for our region.

Ruth showed us a video (with techno assistance from K Reta Dimis) that highlighted much of what the program will have to offer such as palliative care, on site nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, chaplains, social workers and doctors. Units will be available to young and old free of charge.  Some of the rooms will have interchangeable décor suitable for children or seniors. We thank Ruth for bringing us up to speed on this great addition to the quality of life in our community.


A Fine Time!

PP John Prettie paid a happy toonie as his last unwed daughter has now been married. PE Gord Harris also paid a happy toonie as he and Elizabeth were at the OTF Quinn Lake Campground with two of their granddaughters. President Linda confessed visiting cousins in Innisfil. PP Peter Little paid a happy toonie as he and Noreen had an entire long weekend home alone – no house guests!

K Doug Cleverley paid a happy toonie as his daughter, Adela, is enjoying her summer employment at the Kiwanis Sweet Potato Chip Wagon as one of the cooks. K James Culligan paid a happy caregiver’s toonie as his wife Eleanor is recovering with a new knee.

Builders All!

PP John McLachlan sends a huge thank out to the Kiwanians that helped at the Queensbush Bluegrass Festival. On the Thursday night Sean McMurray, Jed Phillips, James Culligan, Bruce Jobe and PP John with a special hand from the Whispering Staff-Greg got the site set up.

During the weekend Kiwanians Sean, Ruth Coursey, James, Bruce, Debbie McKague, Marion Koepke, PD Bob and Ann Miller, K Russ and Heather Pierson along with PP Don and Karen Sweatman fed the hungry crowds.


To help take down we had K Ruth, DP Bob, PP Jed Phillips, K Sean McMurray and PP John M. as well. A big thank you to everyone who gave up their time to help.

A huge thank you to all those who fed the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Rally Members this weekend as well.


A Piece of Cake!

Happy August Birthdays!

Bernice Ackermann 7

Doug Cleverley 12

Dennis Hertz 12

Ron Downs 12

Ted Horton 15

Nancy Stevens 18

Susan Quiquero  29

Sean McMurray 30

Happy August Anniversaries!

Trina & K Gabe Nowak 2

Kelly & K Jim McManaman 4

Rosalie & K Elwood Moore 10

Liz & PD Gord Harris 14

K Bruce & Lisa Jobe 17

Ann & DP Bob Miller 24

Noreen & PP Peter Little 29

K Flaviano & Susan Quiquero 29


Making a Difference!

Congratulations to K Doug for creating the fantastic concert on August 11 at the Roxy. Performers Shotgun Wedding, Juggler Greg Tarlin, Little Men, Aerial Dancer Angola Murdoch, Adela Bezemer-Cleveley's choreography for the Ann Milne Dancers choreography along with dynamo Samantha Martin and the Haggard provided an energetic backdrop for his SUDEP Aware (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy) Fundraiser. Well done K Doug!

50/50 WINNER:K Reta Dimis

donated her winnings to K Doug’s campaign

in memory of his wife, Traci.