The Builder May 26th

There were 14 Kiwanians present this week. While attendance was sparse, no one was late in arriving this week. Mark the 2nd of June to come to our next meeting.


K Steve Sired was fined due to campaigning on behalf of Cops for Cancer at the Kiwanis lunch. After some good-natured ribbing, a small fine ensued. K Gord Harris was away to Mississauga to cheer on the Attack. PP Peter Little traveled west to Vancouver and Victoria BC to visit family. A Rocky vacation to be sure..

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

K Blake Bonham has sent out an email asking everyone in the Club to pitch in and help make Loonies for Kids a success.  Please respond back to K Blake with your willingness to canvas businesses to collect funds to support our Park Playground Financial Commitment. If we don't hear from you, K Stew Andrew will be calling you (at a time of his choosing) to inquire if you will be able to help or not. Give K Blake your full support and email him to indicate who you could contact.

Speaker's Corner

K Rebecca Mills and President Bob Miller gave us their personal insights into the recent District Convention. K Gord Harris read a delegate report on behalf of Secretary Julia Levine. Our three delegates enjoyed a wide variety of workshops and displays to keep them in touch with what is new in Kiwanis. The opportunity to act as a delegate on behalf of the club should be experienced in turn by all members.

Our Governor Designate for next year will be Janet Atkinson. She is from the Ottawa area while our Governor Elect is Peter Tudisco from Cambridge.With the new trustee model begin implemented next fall, travel requirements for the Governor have been greatly reduced. This makes the position of Governor more accessible to Kiwanians interested in assuming this role.

Everyone who attended the convention had to agree that the venue proved to be an excellent spot for our event. Next year the convention will be held in Barbados in May. It should be a wonderful setting for our 95th EC&C convention. Save your airmiles...