Our Final Builder for 2012!


K Paul Matthies and Elizabeth Harris were our door greeters!

There were twenty-two Kiwanians and guests gathered at Stone Tree Golf and Fitness Club for a delicious Christmas buffet held at noon on December 20th.

Close to forty members and guests attended President Gord Harris and Liz's estate in Bognor on the 14th, enjoying a beautiful sleigh ride through the Metropolis of Bognor, an abundance of great food and fellowship. Special thanks to PLG Linda van Aalst for organizing this social event and to K Rebecca Mills for her delicious catering skills. It got us all in the Christmas spirit!

Kiwanians had put their minds to creating poems for fellow members and were delighted to inflict them upon us... PP Jed Phillips was feeling the Bard as his muse when he recited his poem to K Rebecca Mills. K Ted Horton had golf on his mind when saluting PP Don Sweatman. Twas a Kiwanian named Jim McManaman who was feted by Secretary Marion Koepke. K Jim sang to PP Jed despite his pneumonia so we had to forgive his pitch and rhyming stretches. K Doug Cleverley and K Stew Andrew delivered duelling poems to each other. K James Culligan rounded out the authors with a fab tribute to DS Julia Levine. Fines arose as did the good natured jibes.

Speakers' Corner!

Our special guests at the meeting, introduced by PG Gary Levine were Bryanna Palmer, Linda Pickles and Laura Fryer, all Grade 12 students from West Hill Secondary School. Nick McMurray, another member of the Key Leader weekend was unable to attend our luncheon as he was ill.

The girls shared their experience, thanking the club for sponsoring them and we thank PP Bob Miller for organizing this wonderful experience for the group. Lani McMurray volunteered to drive the group to the retreat which was greatly appreciated.

The Key Leader weekend was held in Brantford at the Circle Square Ranch on November 2nd. Nancy Short was the guest speaker from Indianapolis, Kiwanis International, engaging approximately 40 students. There were five sessions held on the topics of personal growth, integrity, respect, building communities and the pursuit of excellence. Student leaders led the breakout groups which were very interactive.

The girls came away from the team build experience with the knowledge that servant leadership is serving the people you are leading.

Service Above and Beyond

President Gord presented the Legion of Honour pin to PLG Al Kelly for 25 years of continuous, dedicated service. PLG's dedication continued as he brought a sympathy card for the club to sign due to the sudden passing of Past President Andy Drury's wife, Cathy.

As Kiwanians, we knew Cathy as a hardworking volunteer for the Kiwanis Music Festival garnering hundreds of volunteers to work at the various venues. In her early years, Cathy herself performed at the Kiwanis festival first on the piano and later with the O.S.C.V.I. orchestra.

For so many Summerfolk weekends you would find Andy, Cathy and their daughter Ellen working together to muster pancakes and sausages for a hungry crowd. She would laugh after about the special smell of their clothes.

Her dedication to serving others, whether at the Wiarton hospital, the many mornings at the Keppel school breakfast program or her years of mentoring children in her classroom, Cathy will be greatly missed by our Kiwanis family.

Our thoughts and prayers are with PP Andy and their daughter Ellen at this most difficult time. Further information will be forthcoming regarding the memorial service to be held on January 5th.