The Builder for December 22nd

Seventeen Kiwanians and one guest, Andrew Dimis, joined together for a Christmas Poetry Contest luncheon. Kiwanian poets crafted masterpieces with rhyme, rhythm, alliteration and some stylistic elements yet to be recognized. PP John Prettie was the choir director and trivia master for the meeting.


Poet's Corner...not square

This year's Christmas Poems were judged by Kiwanians Joanne and Ted Horton, with fines being levied from one to three dollars. This year President Linda Van Aalst requested the compositions early to determine the most poetic of the entrees. That may stretch the voracity of the word poetic...

From Kelly to Culligan to Horton

Levine to Burnett they had fun.

J Levine to Crose, Andrew to Quiquero

Poems tripped along embarrassingly so.

Pierson to Prettie to Sornberger

Cleverley to Little a syntactical murder.

Koepke to McLeod, McKague to Loopstra

They reached a fevered pitch...hurrah!

Harris to Pierson, Sweatman to Moore

Van Aalst to Moulaison a descriptive tour

And in conclusion, a poem from the net

All deserved to be fined?...You bet!

A Fine Time!

Kiwanians who forgot to wear red received a fashion faux pas fine. Speaking of a faux pas...those who neglected to fill out an attendance slip faced the wrath of K Gord Harris who received a fine for seeing red. PP Bob Miller felt that PP John Prettie should face the music for self-promotion on Facebook. PLG Al Kelly awaits a bio from K Joanne Horton while K Gord Harris awaits PP Don Sweatman's confession of his trip to Punta Cana. PP Andrew Drury was fined for being undercover...2011 was truly a fine time!

Kiwanis 2012 New Year's Resolution

We resolve to do everything we can to make a difference in the lives of children at home and around the world.

50/50 Draw Winner: Kiwanian Doug Cleverley