The Builder for December 5th, 2013

There were 16 Kiwanians present for our poetry luncheon at Stonetree Golf and Fitness Club. PP Don Sweatman brought Ashley O'Leary as our guest. Ashley works on our Kiwanis insurance file. PP John Prettie led us in festive song after K Alex Morris read the Objects of Kiwanis. K Susan Davey was rewarded for her work on the front desk by winning our 50/50 draw.


Toys donated for the toy drive.


Poetic Justice...


K Susan Davey read her poem to DP Bob Miller which was made possible by liquid creativity. PG Gary Levine's poem to K Stu Luckhardt had a seed of truth in it. PP John Prettie sang the praises of K Michelle Kobryn... CAA is still ringing in our ears. PLG Linda Van Aalst penned a great haberdashery ode to K Lorne Rich. K Stew Andrew paused to criticise his own ode to K Reta Dimis. K Paul Matthies pushed the poetic limits to …inda…minda…dinna…K Belinda Bowler. PE Paul Strimas stanzas to K Reg Martin had some rhyming going on in page two we're not so sure. PP Peter Little's poem to K Jim McManaman could be submitted to wikipedia for his encyclopedic detail. K Alex Morris genuinely captured the true Christmas spirit, moving K Bert Loopstra so much that he paid Alex's fine...a Christmas miracle indeed.


A Round of Applause!


Congratulations to the club for the final payment on our inclusive playground at Harrison Park. Now on to creating a wonderful Sk8board Park!

Our Trick or Treat for MNT project has been all wrapped up...literally. Treasurer Paul's biceps have increased in size from transporting approximately $2500 in coins to the bank. Many thanks to all the Kiwanians who lent a hand and to those who spared some change to help spare a child and change the world.


A huge round of applause to Chair Reta and all of her elves for another terrific Santa Claus Parade! Your efforts brought smiles to the faces of children young and not so young once again. Santa should be pleased.

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