Your Christmas List of Dates!

Check it twice!

December 14th

6 p.m.---

Our Kiwanis Christmas Party

will be hosted at President Gord and Elizabeth's home in Bognor.

Come prepared for the Hot tub, hot crokinole shots and a special hot excursion into the cold!


December 18th

Terrific Kids Assembly


President Gord will attend

Board Meeting

December 19th

Community Living Building 7 p.m.

All members are most welcome to attend.


December 20th

A Bard's Luncheon at Stonetree where Kiwanians put pen to paper and write those poetic odes to their fellow club members. Don't let that keep you away...

December 21st

Terrific Kids

Dufferin School

Red and Green Day

1 p.m.

Attendee TBA

December Babies

Guy Chouinard 13

Donna Hood 18

Kelly McManaman 20

Eric Crose 20

Linda van Aalst 26

Tammy Flagler 26

Candy Horton 31




Tammy & Jack Flagler 22

Julia & Gary Levine



50/50 Winner!

DP Bob Miller


The Builder for December 6th, 2012

Kiwanian Paul Matthies and K Reg Martin were the door greeters and collectors of Kiwanis cash at our Stonetree luncheon. Twenty Kiwanians enjoyed participating in two new songs written for our club by our guest musician, Brian Tannahill. "We All Make a Difference" and "Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound" capture so well the spirit of our service organization. To remind of us that spirit, K Ted Stevens led us in the Objects of Kiwanis.

Speaker's Corner

Distinguished Past President Bob Miller was our Key Note Speaker on the topic of Kiwanis Key Clubs. DP Bob has been actively pursuing the establishment of two potential new clubs in St. Mary’s and West Hill High Schools. The current labour unrest has stalled this process with the hope for renewed interest in the future. DP Bob gave a brief history of Key Clubs and mentioned that there are over 255,000 members in 5000 clubs in 30 countries. Key Club, established in 1935, is the largest high school service organization in the world.

President Gord Harris presented our Division 8 Lieutenant Governor Gail Norris with Eliminate pins in recognition of her personal commitment and financial donations to our Global Maternal Neonatal Tetanus Program. LG Gail is to be congratulated for saving the lives of countless babies.

A Fine Time!

President Gord attended the Tuesday morning meeting at the Owen Sound Golden K at the Royal Canadian Legion along with LG Gail.  P Gord reported that 2 new members were inducted when in fact the total was 3, adding to our fine box which is just fine with us...

PP John Prettie noticed that both K Joanne and Ted Horton were trying to be incognito wearing someone else’s name tags which led to more coins in the box. K Ted Stevens passed the Chair to PP John Prettie to protest President Gord’s egregious comments about lawyers with a verdict of guilty with regard to hurting the feelings of his colleagues. Skeptics abound...K Ted Stevens duly confessed to an excursion to New York State where he rode the old railways in his own side car. Toot! Toot for a $10.00 fine!

PP Peter Little revealed that his wife Noreen asked him to purchase an artificial Christmas tree which cost this Past President $3.00 and extra shifts at our Tree Lot...

Secretary Marion Koepke prepaid her fine for a trip to the Mayan Riviera to occur next week. K Reg Martin was coerced into confessing to a five week trip to Costa Rica.  Reg was looking for Jurassic Park but settled for taking photographs of birds.  Reg was assessed one dollar per week for a total of $5.00. Tweet! Tweet!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

We hope to see you all at the Harris Ranch on December 14th. It will be a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Kiwanians. We thank P Gord and Elizabeth for opening their home and hearts to us.

Our Christmas tree lot is filled with the spirit of giving as well. If you haven't had an opportunity to branch out, wood you please sign up fir the good of this fundraising effort? We'll pine away without you!

LG Gail attended the E.C. & C. Trustee Board Meeting in Florida to discuss Kiwanis International Strategic Plans. The Division 8 Caucus on December 1st, chaired by LG Gail, was well attended including by club members, President Gord, DS Julia Levine and Past Governor Gary Levine. The meeting included a workshop conducted by PG Chuck McIlravey on Membership Retention and Growth.

DP Bob Miller still has coupon books for sale until December 14th. These make great stocking stuffers that can be used all year long. Pizza anyone?

President Gord had a Kiwanis yellow tie and Kiwanis ball cap for a Lucky Number Auction.  K Alex Morris (tie) and Secretary Marion (cap) were the lucky winners!

Our thoughts go out to K Andy as his wife Cathy continues with her treatments in London. We hope for a healthy, happy holiday for all!