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International Trustee Gary Levine

Fellow Kiwanians,

As I write a note to you, I am taking a short break from my club opening work with our Eye of the Tiger team to catch up on work and the lawn.

Since our last edition, I have travelled signing up new members and creating new clubs. I was pleased to build clubs in Orlando, Denver, Las Vegas, New York, Cleveland, West Virginia, Michigan and Malaysia.

Kiwanis International Trustee

Gary Levine

I had the pleasure of attending the European Convention in Italy, the Asia Pacific convention in Kuala Lumpur, our own ECC convention in Jamaica, ending in our International convention in Las Vegas.

I would like to extend my thanks once again to those of you who were able to travel to Vegas and so kindly help with our campaign.

It has been a whirlwind meeting Kiwanians from around the world. Depite the differences in languages, cultures and traditions, Kiwanians share that one common trait. They all want to make a positive difference in the world.

As for the future, in September, I will be in Pennsylvania and then San Fransisco. I hope to also be part of a club opening effort in Ontario with PG Phil Rossy and his team.

Now is the time to reach out to members of your club that you have not seen in a while. Engaged members do not drop away.

Now is also the time to be bold. Strike a committee and make a list. Introduce yourself to local business leaders, educators, healthcare workers, political leaders, your insurance broker, your banker, your neighbour... and tell them about what great work your club is doing. Ask them to help support your community by joining your club.

Why not make your induction of new officers this fall, a new member induction night as well and start the year off right.


Til next time,

IT Gary