Our Valentine Luncheon-February 10

A Sweetheart of a Time!


Our meeting of February 10th , with over forty in attendance, went from good to great due to the hard work of PLG Al Kelly and almost Kiwanian Ann. The first twelve Kiwanis partners to arrive were greeted with a striking red carnation in honour of their presence. The meeting hall's round tables were romantically decorated by Ann Kelly with red hearts and handmade sweets with touches of lace.

There were many people who pitched in to make this luncheon a great success. K Joanne handed out a hot gift donated by K Ted Horton to the partners present. We also welcomed Blake Bonham back as our guest. K. Joanne was well rewarded as our fifty-fifty winner of the day. PP Don Sweatman, President Bob Miller and Kiwanian Lorne Rich were able servers of food.

PP John Prettie introduced our pianist Marianne Ford while taking a break from being our paparazzi for the day. PP Bruce Price and Laurie James sang: It’s a Grand Night for Singing and Do You Love Me? to thunderous applause. PP Jed Phillips and PP Kevin Dandeno strummed their guitars while crooning to Sing You a Love Song.


The Club’s Greatest Romantic!

K Sean McMurray regaled us about his first meeting with Loni at the Family “Y” gym proving that the family that works out…..works out. PP Peter Little sang a very romantic love ballad written especially for his much better half, Noreen. CDs are to be available… at a much later date. PLG Linda Van Aalst brought tears to our eyes as she described how she fell in love with Kees. K. Susan Davey rendered us weak with a humourous tale of her first meeting from first John’s perspective and then from her own. The winner of this year’s competition went to Minstrel PP Peter and he was duly crowned King of the Kiwanis Romantics.


How Well Do You Know Your Valentine?

President Bob Miller and his wife Ann, PP Jed Philips with his wife Jane, K. Jim McManaman along with his wife Kelly, K. Gord Harris and his much better half Elizabeth all walked the gauntlet on our version of the New Wed Game. Our MC IMG Gary Levine kept our participants honest and somewhat focused. He awarded a large jar of cinnamon hearts to President Bob and Ann for their tied first place finish. K. Gord Harris and Liz eagerly await their jar of homemade strawberry jam courtesy of Ann Kelly.

President Bob Announcements!

President has scheduled a Past Presidents’ Forum to review the results of our recent survey in order to develop recommendations to improve the areas that show weaknesses.

A report will be presented to the members in March. Stay tuned for that.

Over the past two years, a number of members have expressed a preference to change from the current venue. In response, three alternatives were surveyed, namely The Days Inn, Inn On The Bay and Stone Tree. The results were presented to the board at the February 8th meeting.

Initially, based on rates and conditions received verbally, the Board voted to change to The Inn On The Bay. But on receipt of a written confirmation,which stipulated a minimum payment for 25 diners, this location had to be rejected because we cannot guarantee 25, especially in July and August. We cannot afford the potential deficit that would result from fewer numbers, in addition to non-paying speakers and prospective members.

Therefore, commencing February 24th, we will be meeting at Stone Tree which we found to be a desirable location in the past. We look forward to having a good turnout at every meeting.