The Builder for February 16th

There were eleven Kiwanians in attendance. The Chamber meeting with the Mayor coincided with our meeting at the same venue. Distinguished President Bob Miller took charge of the gavel as President Linda was at the Chamber luncheon. PP Stu Luckhardt was our mystery greeter and he shook hands with all present. PLG Al Kelly had prepared a number of Kiwanis Trivia questions but with low numbers and even lower ability to answer correctly they were put out of their misery.

A Fine Time

PP Eric Crose paid a toonie because he was able to attend the meeting. Welcome back PP Eric! PP Bruce Price indicated he went on a trip somewhere but our illustrious reporter K Stew was at a loss to hear it....What's that you say?

PP Peter Little attended the burlesque show Seeing Red. Va-Va-Voom! Kiwanians were not seeing red but we were green with envy at PP Peter's beautiful home, gracious wife and fabulous party they threw for us on December 11th. We all thank you both for hosting us. Thank you to the

K Deb McKague for coordinating our efforts and to all those who pitched in as well. K Stew made the excursion past the city limits....

PG Gary Levine has returned from a business and pleasure trip to Texas. On a separate note PG Gary, Secretary Julia Levine and LGE Gail Norris went to Meaford to talk about the Eliminate Program.

Editor's Note: That did not count as a Valentine's dinner for your wife, PG Gary.

PP Elwood Moore paid a happy toonie as DP Bob handed him the Builder for the first two weeks of February as PP Elwood does not have a computer.

Past everything Al Kelly confessed to a trip with Honourary Kiwanian Ann Kelly to Allenford to deliver two piesAs this was a Kiwanian Auction delivery no fine was assessed. Berry good!

From the PEn

Elizabeth & I visited the "Naples on the Coast" Kiwanis Club for their breakfast meeting.

We were treated royally, as you can imagine & we lead them in a resounding rendition of Oh Canada. President Rebecca Randolph lead the meeting & had as hard a time controlling the troups as our Presidents have. Some things never change.

I presented her with an Owen Sound Kiwanis pin as a memento. She was very
appreciative of it & immediately put it on her lapel.

I told them of our club & asked if any of their members rode motorcycle as
we had started the "Kiwanis International Motorcycle Club. They had 2
members present that did, so I met with them after & they seemed quite keen
to become Chapter 3. Wow, who would have thought we would become an
international club in such short order!

Your in Kiwanis,
PE Gord Harris