The Builder February 17

A Loonie Tunes Times Two!

K. Bert Loopstra put in a happy toonie because his wife Willy had such a great time at the Valentine meeting last week. PP Gail Norris confessed to enjoying the Florida sunshine and another happy toonie was needed by K Susan Davey for her two daughters’ trip to the Dominican Republic.Sunscreen anyone?

PP Jed Phillips breathed a sigh of relief because his daughter returned home safely from a trip to Edinburgh Scotland as well as a second toonie for his offbeat singsong leadership. K Rebecca Mills announced her daughter’s job promotion and move to Toronto. Congratulations to all!

Confession is Good for the Soul!

PP John Prettie confessed to a 2 day trip with Val and family to Kitchener to help with new home renovations. Not just handy with a camera...PP John revealed that K Paul Strimas purchased a new Kia model car. What are friends for you may ask? K Ted Horton testified to a business trip to Dalhousie, Nova Scotia while K Sean McMurray admitted to a business trip to Montreal. Bienvenue!


From the Speaker's Corner!

... PP Gail Norris introduced our speaker Kiwanian Dave Wismer from the Barrie Golden K. K Dave spoke to the club about the need for volunteers at our 94th annual Eastern Canada and Caribbean convention. He indicated that

Photo: Courtesy of: Kiwanian John Prettie

Dave Wismer:

the Kiwanis Club of Meaford will be manning the Kiwanis Store. Dave is very happy to receive names and phone numbers of club members who would like to volunteer at the event being held on May 12-14th. There is lots of information available on our website at


Sleigh Bells Ring!

K. Susan Davey, Chair of the Santa Claus Parade presented a report on behalf of the committee. Commercial entrants paid $50 this year as a new revenue generating idea. Only one business declined entry due to the fee. There were 62 entries this year and with the help of The Chamber of Commerce, financial support was excellent. The parade made a profit. Way to go Santa!


More Good News!

K. Stew Andrew, our intrepid reporter, explained about our newest fundraising idea Loonies for Kids. P Bob Miller fined everyone 25 cents because there was a lot of talking and commotion during K. Andrew's presentation. Perhaps the concept of this project was just too exciting!

K. Ted Horton was the lucky recipient of the 50-50 draw, giving him a head start on his Loonie for Kids Piggy Bank...