The Builder for February 2nd

There were twenty-four Kiwanians present for our special election and induction luncheoon held at Stone Tree. Ruth Coursey was hosted by her sponsor Past Governor Gary Levine while Ron Downs was brought by Kiwanian Ted Horton. There was applause for the arrival of Treasurer Paul Kirk.


Our Newest Members!

K Paul Strimas chaired the induction portion of our meeting. PG Gary proudly introduced new member, Owen Sound City Manager Ruth Coursey. K Ted Horton had the priviledge of introducing Ron Downs of Royal LePage Real Estate. PP Jed Phillips presented Kiwanian Ruth and Kiwanian Ron with their Builder Aprons. Members are reminded to please welcome our newest members and to be sure to sign their aprons.

PP Peter Little gave K Ruth and K Ron their certificates, name tags and Kiwanis Kits with an explanation on each. P Linda van Aalst pinned our new Kiwanians. K Jim McManaman led the Club members in a moving rendition of “You’re in Kiwanis Now". That is the acid test for new Kiwanians...


Welcome on Board!

PG Gary manned the gavel and advised that the Nomination Committee was pleased to put forward K Gord Harris for President Elect.

PG Gary then called for any further nominations from the floor and seeing none accepted a Motion from PP Peter Little, seconded by PP Jed Phillips that nominations be closed.  This was passed unanimously and as a result K Gord is now President Elect Gord Harris.

In similar fashion, K Marion Koepke was nominated to be a Director to take PE Gord Harris’ place on the Board.  No other nominates came forth and a Motion to close the nominations was made by PP Jed Phillips and seconded by K Joanne Horton.  The Motion was passed unanimously. Our congratualtions to K Marion who is our newest Board Director.

A Fine Time!

PP Bruce Price attacked the moguls on the slopes at Whistler, BC.

K Bruce Jobe cut through the waves at Sandals in Montego Bay, Jamaica while K Ted Horton and Candy braved the crowds in the Big Apple.

PP Bruce Price advised us that K Ted Stevens was at the Boat Show in Toronto and observed that he could recall K Ted's name despite his being without his name badge. PP Andy Drury was also incognito due to his excitement about his grand dog named Ellie.

K News Flash!

PP Bob Miller earned the Distinguished President award and now he shall be referred to as Distinguished President Bob. A club must have received at least 85 points from Kiwanis International to grant this title. This includes membership growth, club initiatives, attendance at conventions, training, up to date reporting and youth programs. Congratulations DP Bob for your work in strengthening our club.

Bernice Ackermann fell on the sidewalk downtown and broke her kneecap. She had to have stitches in her mouth as well. Despite all of this she is in great spirits. She is being transferred to the Chesley Hospital on Monday to a special unit there to aid in her recovery process. She welcomes visitors!

Bev Flannigan who recently passed away wanted donations be made to our Kiwanis Club in his memory. His daughter sang many times in our Kiwanis Music Festival. We appreciate this kind recognition of our club.

Thanks to K Belinda Bowler for hosting our January social at Boston Pizza. Some had such a good time they left without paying...