The Builder February 24th

A Fine Time!

The better late than never crowd- PP Andy Drury, PP Bruce Price and K Phil Gignac were upstaged with the greatest applause going to K Ted Horton.

K Kathy Nunno and Carm confessed to a trip to Cuba for a week. Welcome back to winter's reality. K Phil admitted to a 30th anniversary excursion with Linda to Niagara Falls and he related that he did very well at the slot machines. Just desserts for 30 years of wedded bliss!

K Ted confessed that after leaving Dalhousie Nova Scotia, he and Candy met his son in Toronto where they attended the Special Olympics fund raiser “Motion Ball”. There was much fun with the Much Music Crowd and other celebs. Autographs anyone?

PP Jed Phillips paid a toonie to express his joy that PP Elwood Moore’s wife, Rosalie, is getting better at the hospital rehabilitation unit. Our thoughts are with them for a speedy recovery. Thanks to PP Jed for leading the singsong and he was promptly rewarded with the 50-50 draw. Who says a musician can't make good money?

K Rebecca admitted to a purchase of not one, but two registered prime pink pigs to join her on “Sunny Brook Farm”. Not a pig in a poke, we hope. PP Don assured us that with Karen’s help his home renovations have been completed.


Speaker's Corner!

Patty Sargent-Gibson spoke to us on behalf of the Economic Development department of City Hall. Patty has been interviewing a random cross-section of the businesses in Owen Sound and assembling an Action Plan that will highlight the successes and problems of doing business in our city- the good, the bad and the ugly as Patty put it. The end result will be a plan to help retain the entrepreneurs in our City. We thank Patty for taking the time to update us.

Photo Courtesy of PP John Prettie


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

K Kathy reminded us that the Kiwanis Music Festival is coming up in April and this year, to help generate some money, local businesses are being asked to donate $100 to sponsor a music venue. The donor’s name will be prominently displayed which is great advertising for them. Volunteers are always needed to help at the venues as well.

IPG Gary advised us that our last chance to get in on the Early Bird registration for the District Convention is ending on March 1st.  There is some Club money available to help offset registration expenses. If you miss the March 1st deadline, you are still most welcome to register. Let's be the club with the most members in attendance!

PLG Al Kelly feels the luck o' the Irish when announcing that March 17th is going to be another great luncheon event! Bring your partner and wear something green.  Our speaker will be from the Emerald Isle.

A volunteer is needed for Terrific Kids on March 28th at Alexandra School. A big thank you goes out to K Peggy Moulaison for volunteering to go to Keppel Sarawak on March 25th. Thank you to PP Don Sweatman and PLG Al Kelly for volunteering in February. Contact: if you wish to volunteer. It is painless and good fun.