The Builder for February 28th

Twenty-one Kiwanians and their guests attended an evening meeting at the Inn on the Bay. K Paul Matthies was on the door greeting members and guests. DP Bob Miller accompanied his wife Ann, PP Gord Harris brought Elizabeth, PP and Andy Drury hosted his wife Karen.

K Ted Horton introduced his wife Candy and his friend, Paul Turner. Ks Dennis Kefalas and K Colleen Trask Seaman were pleased to bring along their spouses, Co and Andy as well.

Treasurer Fred Druyf (L)was happy to receive a donation on behalf of the club from guest Paul Turner(R). Paul has been collecting change to help change the lives of others. Thank you Paul!

One Third Over!

But not forgotten...P Michelle Kobryn thanked PP Paul Strimas for sponsoring K Tim Brown and PP Gord for bringing Scott Lovell into the club.

Chair Jim McManaman should be proud that Christmas trees showed an excellent profit again this year. Thank you to all those who volunteered at the tree lot. A special shout out to PP Gord, PP Paul and Treasurer Fred for behind the scenes help. While it is not an exact science regarding hours worked on site, third place was shared by K Russ Pierson and PP Bill Sornberger, second place by K Kevin Dandeno with Dennis Kefalas in first place.

Our Kiwanis Santa Claus parade was made possible again by Chair Andy Drury and PP Gord Harris. and their partners Karen and Elizabeth. Michelle presented them both with flowers. Thank you friends of Kiwanis! Thank you to all those in the club who volunteered their time to make our parade a great success again this year. Next parade only 260 days away...

(L to R Elizabeth Harris, PP Gord Harris and Karen Drury)

Speaker's Corner!

DP Bob Miller has been communicating with a Kiwanis pen pal from the Ukraine for a number of years. He presented a summary of his exchanges with Lora Pavlenko of the Kiwanis Club of Kiev, Ukraine.

They have 15 members and 20 youth volunteers. The members range in age from 20 to 45 and meet once a month. They have very little money but accomplish much with many volunteers hours logged. Their club is dubbed the “Club of Hands” reflecting their large number of volunteers.

They have quite a few projects on the go each

year which is quite an impressive mark they are making in Kiev given the very difficult times…both inspiring and humbling.

Bob included a copy of their 2018 Annual Newsletter which had heart tugging photos of their service projects. A big thank you to Bob for his presentation, helping us have a greater sense of Kiwanis impact around the world.

Presidential Pointers!

  • There will be a Needs Assessment Committee meeting to gather info and ideas for future service projects. Stay tuned!
  • We need volunteers for the Music Festival. Please sign up when a schedule is made up next week. Our club has been involved with the music festival since 1969. The club has supported the Festival by donating 75K over the past 5 years.
  • A big thank you to Colleen Trask Seaman who will tail Fred for two days to learn the ins and outs of organizing a venue so that we have someone from Kiwanis who can organize this aspect of the Festival.
  • Family Day at Cobble beach was well attended and the cooking/serving went smoothly…we made $500!

A Fine Time!

K Paul Kirk was the mystery greeter and it was a mystery why K Colleen was missed. K Paul was fined for failing to greet a guest.
K Colleen went to Myrtle Beach with her children. K Ted Horton admitted to multiple trips in vehicles with flashing lights and a trip in a fancy Orange helicopter…we all paid 50 cents in gratitude that Ted was able to join us for this meeting.

K Paul K and his wife Susan went to Cuba for a week. He was fined $5 because, although he is retired, he seems to be working again.

K Belinda Bowler admitted to a week in Cuba without children so that was worth $5.

President Michelle threw in a happy toonie in celebration of her time spent alone with her grandson of 4yrs and granddaughter of 18 months.