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Gary Levine


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Bobby Moo Young


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Division 8

Stephanie Worthington


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Don Sweatman 

International Trustee Gary Levine

Fellow Kiwanians,

To all my friends in Division 8, I wish you well during the next phase of our Kiwanis year.

From committee meetings to our recent G0-To-Board meeting to working with various Districts to strengthen and build new clubs, the year is racing by. My major commitment, as KI membership chair, is to help our organization grow.

Kiwanis International Trustee

Gary Levine

For the past week, I have been working with International President Jim Rochford, Eye of the Tiger members, and Kiwanis Governors in Las Vegas opening three new Kiwanis clubs. Las Vegas holds the distinction of having more Key Clubbers than any other city in the world. 3,000 young people in 40 Key Clubs do active community service every day of the week. Unfortunately, they were supported by; only six Kiwanis clubs. Stretched to the limit, they welcomed the addition of the three new clubs that we formed.

Here, we are working with Utah-Idaho Governor Jim Vaughn, Kansas Governor Jan Maxwell, International President Jim Rochford and Eye-of-the-Tiger Chair Kendra Skidmore.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Number One Club's annual dinner in Detroit. While it was a chilling experience to leave Florida, I received a very warm welcome from Governor Marian O'Higgins, Governor Elect Larry Memmer and the many that had travelled a great distance to attend.

Detroit Kiwanis Club Number One Michigan began way back in 1915. A group of local business men, headed up by Canadian, President Don Johnston, formed the club on one snowy January day. To this day the event is celebrated by Kiwanians annually.

During the day, I had a chance to lend a hand with their amazing Books for Kids program. Since 2001, they have donated 100 000 books to schools, teachers and eager children anxious to read.

Does your club read to children and donate books? Reading is the key to a child's success and your can help make a big difference in their lives.

Two weeks ago, I was pleased to join Governors from the eastern parts of North America, along with International President Jim Rochford, to work recruiting members in Orlando. We were successful in opening three new Kiwanis clubs, welcoming new Kiwanians into our mission of service. Together with Ohio Governor Dan Litzinger, Florida club opener Larry Taylor and our own Eastern Canada and the Caribbean Governor Bobby Moo-Young, I was honored to bring in new Kiwanis members.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Montego Bay in May at our District convention.

Lastly, I hope the clubs in our Division will be supportive and send delegates to Las Vegas for our International Convention. I do need your help.


Thank you for being a Kiwanian,

IT Gary