Kiwanis Builder for January 12th

There were 23 Kiwanians and 2 guests in attendance at Stone Tree at Thursday's luncheon meeting. Kiwanian Gord Harris brought Ross Thomson and Paul Matthies as our guests. The lucky number auction winners were PP Peter Little who won a Kiwanis tie and PE Al Kelly who won 2 Attack Tickets. K Debbie McKague was the Mystery Greeter who noted several Kiwanians didn't shake her hand. Sounds like a fine coming on...


Speakers Corner!

Our guest speaker, K John Cottrill, was introduced by LGE Gail Norris. K John is the CAO of the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. We left the meeting knowing more about K John's job to protect and enhance our watershed environment through their many programs and services. PP Elwood Moore, a past Board member of the GSCA, thanked our speaker

A Fine Time!

PP Andy Drury had two toonie trips to report, one to Walkerton and one to Barrie. He ended up being fined for talking with K Alex Morris during the fine session. Loose lips...

K Bert Loopstra paid a toonie for identifying his daughter in one of K John Cottrill’s slide picture presentation...a proud Papa.

PP Bruce Price did not fill out an attendance slip. Absence can make the attendance...slip. K Marion Koepke waived frantically to PP Bruce Price before he finally recognized her and acknowledged her greeting. Yoo Hoo!

K Sean McMurray paid for a trip to New Orleans for a week to watch a football game and also celebrate his 9th anniversary. He has partially recovered from The Big Easy. K Sean sent a picture of a jazzed up Harley Davison motorcycle to PP Don SweatmanPP Don was miffed because he owns a Honda.  K Gord registered his frustration because he did not get sent anything so he got fined for whining. You whine lose some.

The President's Rose!

President Linda Van Aalst presented her President's rose to PLG Al Kelly for all of his hard work on behalf of the club.

Our weekly program speakers and special luncheon events are organized by PLG Al.

From our archives to sending out a card to a member who is ill, PLG Al looks after it. He is a faithful Board member who keeps us on track. Thanks PLG Al!

Photo by PP John Prettie