Our Club Builder for a New Year

There were 21 Kiwanians, 6 human and one canine guest to kick off President Paul's first meeting of our historic 2015 year. We are now officially in our 90th year of service to our community and 100 years of Kiwanis itself.

To greet our two legged and four legged guests were K Susan Davey and Elizabeth Harris. PP Peter Little led us in a howling good song while the Objects of Kiwanis were read by PP Don Sweatman. K Guy Chouinard led our invocation prior to enjoying our lunch at Stonetree.


Speaker's Corner...woof!

Photo by PP John Prettie

PP Andy Drury introduced our guests Paul Bartlett and Layla, his golden retriever in the St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

Paul informed us that there are 13 different breeds in the program with most dogs being three to four years old. They receive very extensive training to ensure they are kind, gentle, obedient and ready to give unconditional love to all they meet.

Both Paul and Layla are committed to at least one visit per week to a retirement home or hospital or any other area that care is needed. They also go to schools during exams as just their presence seems to quieten the kids. Some schools allow the children read to the dogs who are quite good listeners...

Paul noted that dogs are non-judgmental and they don’t talk back or bully kids. He revealed that he and other handlers have been invited to the next Pan-Am games because even the athletes find having the dogs around is calming. They are to be commended for their commitment to others.

K Steve Sired thanked Paul and Layla for their informative talk. Take a bow...wow!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Luck was in the air today as K Stew Andrew won our lucky draw for the day. K Michelle Kobryn won the first snow fall draw with $54.00 going to our Eliminate Project. PP John Prettie received a sweet treat of maple syrup with K Jim McManaman winning a K cup. Speaking of winners... K Steve Sired and K John Cottrill were the grand prize recipients of new granddaughters.


K Jim reported that we also won the fundraising race by raising almost 7500 dollars from our Christmas tree sales with only three Charlie Browns leftover. Our treelot was certainly a "hot bed" of activity...with many Kiwanians filling up shifts over the several weeks of sales. Thank you to all.


Speaking of hot...The grills were smoking as over 300 people were served pancake breakfast at the Home Hockey Event. They certainly brought home the bacon that day. Thank you to all who helped make that event happen.


January 21st is the official date for the 100th anniversary of Kiwanis! Consider this to be your invitation to join Kiwanians from around the world in Indianapolis for a huge event from June 25th to the 28th. Check out the Kiwanis International 2015 convention information. Indianapolis is just a day's drive away.


Keep on top of our club events. They are listed on our website Upcoming Events page. If you want a meeting or event listed, please contact our webmaster.