The Builder for January 17th

Twenty-five Kiwanians and K Stu Luckhart's son Jim were present at our luncheon today at Stonetree. We have enjoyed corn provided by Jim Luckhart's Nursery in Desboro at our Kiwanis functions for many years. Friends, Kiwanians, guests, lend me your ears...


As K Russ Pierson enjoyed a standing ovation upon his entrance, he was asked by President Gord Harris to lead us in the Objects of Kiwanis. PP John Prettie bravely encouraged us in song...


Speakers' Corner


K Paul Strimas presented Dave Clark, sponsored by K Reta Dimis. to be inducted. PP John Prettie explained the significance of the Builder's apron while PP Bob Miller outlined the Kiwanis Information contents. P Gord presented the Kiwanis pin and the certificate, welcoming K Dave into the club and the Kiwanis International Motorcycle club. With two badges, he should never be without one!

President Gord congratulates our newest member K Dave Clark.


K Jim McManaman outlined our Christmas Tree sales for the current year. 34 Kiwanians and 6 guests volunteered for a total of 368 hours this year. They were successful in selling just over 500 trees bringing in approximately $7000.00 in fundraising profit. K Jim and all of the volunteers are to be congratulated on our annual endeavour.


There was a good discussion around plans for next year's tree sales encompassing possible promotions, communicating with local grocery outlets, tree delivery service and a reduction in the number of trees being ordered.


A Fine Time!


K Stew Andrew put in a triple loonie for being retired, losing weight and being stress free...a happy trilogy indeed.

K Joanne was glad to announce her four night trip to Vegas over the holidays with a $5.00 loss to her wallet. A new BMW jacket set PP Andy Drury back $2.00. K Reg Martin had a three week journey which took him to Victoria and north to Whitehorse netting us $4.00. Secretary Marion Koepke paid $1.00 for the wild and crazy time she had in Scarborough, attending training with Elections Ontario....

K Julia was fined $2.00 for not having her internet service available for K Ted Horton's email. Quid pro quo for all of those emails he ignores... K Ted did, however, have to pay $4.00 for his Toronto excursion which turned out to be Lincolnesque.


Needed: One current or past board member or past president to volunteer to become our leader for next year. We also are looking for a Kiwanian or two to become our Media/Advertising point person. Let P Gord know that you are willing to volunteer your time.