Kiwanis Builder for January 19th

There were 17th Kiwanians and 4 guests in attendance at Stone Tree at Thursday's luncheon meeting. We were pleased to see Ross Thomson retired from National Parks Canada and Paul Matthies from Suntrail Source of Adventure back with us this week. Thank you to K Gord Harris for encouraging them to return. K Joanne Horton brought Lori MacIntosh, a Law student articaling here in Owen Sound. Her studies took her to Bond University on the Gold Coast in Australia. K Marion Koepke hosted Jim Glaves, retired owner of Wall-Custance Funeral Home in Guelph who now lives at Leith.


Speakers Corner!

Marion Koepke introduced Anthony Griffiths, P.Eng. who spoke to us about his career with MacLean Engineering. 

The Company manufactures heavy industrial equipment used in mining, snowplows used by municipalities as well as transportation units needed at Bruce Power.  

The Company has a plant in Owen Sound with just under 100 employees and it is expanding, looking for more employees. That is what every city wants to hear!

One new invention that they created is a device that can crush aerosol containers, trap and extract all of the contents for disposal and recycling of the metal can. That's one mean green machine!

In October 2011, the Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce presented MacLean Engineering with the Business of the Year Award. Congratulations to their team.  K Doug Cleverley thanked Anthony on behalf of the Club.


A Fine Time!


PP Bob Miller was the Mystery Greeter but due to his friendly nature everyone greeted Bob so he was fined 25 cents for doing such a good job. It's hard to win with this crowd...PP Bob Miller paid a toonie for being at the Attack game to witness the Attack’s win.  A winning fine...

Almost President Elect K Gord Harris revealed that K Joanne Horton, in her enthusiasm to introduce her guest, forgot to fill out an attendance slip. She was over the top for her down under guest. K Joanne confessed to a trip to Boston Massachusetts for New Year’s Eve and stayed at a 5 star hotel. Her fine didn't leave anything to the imagination...

K Doug Cleverley paid a toonie because his daughter, after receiving a scholarship to York University is continuing to do so well. One very proud Papa...

K Gord Harris paid a toonie as the Kiwanis International Owen Sound Chapter One Motorcycle club has brought in the Kiwanis Club of Barrie as Chapter Two. This is turning into a fine mystery novel...Where will Chapter 3 take place?

Did You Know?


The original six Objects of Kiwanis, adopted at the 1918 Convention, included this Object 5, “To discuss and study the science of business building and promote a cooperation between its members in the development of various lines they represent” which reflected founder Allen Browne’s philosophy. It ran counter to Kiwanis’ service concept and so it was changed to our current wording at the 1923 Kiwanis Convention.

"to provide through Kiwanis Clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build better communities."