The Builder for January 7th, 2016

Our Kiwanis Club held its first meeting of the new year at a new location, The Inn on the Bay. Congratulations to the Kiwanis Club of Hamilton for 100 years of service. It was the first international club to be formed in Kiwanis.There were 20 Kiwanians present at our luncheon with four guests as well. President Bill Sornberger wielded the gavel while PP John Prettie led O Canada and PP Gord Harris read the Objects of Kiwanis. PP Elwood Moore won the lucky number draw and PE Susan Davey was the trivia question winner.


Speaker's Corner!

President Bill introduced our guest speaker, Eric Zweig. A lifelong sports fan, but a latecomer to the joys of history, Eric was already a budding sports fanatic by the age of 10 who was filling his school news books with game reports instead of current events. He has been writing professionally about sports and sports history since graduating with a degree in Political Studies from Trent University in 1985.

Guest Speaker Eric Zweig

 Author of: Art Ross: The Hockey Legend Who Built the Bruins

Photo courtesy of PP John Prettie

Eric's first book was an historical novel called Hockey Night in the Dominion of Canada, which was set in the early days of professional hockey and published in 1992. He is also the author of Fever Season, a 2009 historical hockey novel for younger readers, as well as numerous non-fiction books for adults and children — including his latest, Art Ross: The Hockey Legend Who Built the Bruins. It took ten years of research to complete. Eric has also written books for children about hockey trivia.

Eric has been working with Dan Diamond and Associates on the National Hockey League Official Guide & Record Book since 1996. He and his wife, Barbara, a noted book editor in her own right, moved to Owen Sound in the fall of 2006. 

Eric was contacted by then Prime Minister Stephen Harper to review Harper’s book about hockey. The former PM was seen reading Eric's book in the House of Commons...Eric was thanked by DP Bob Miller, presenting him with a certificate and Kiwanis bookmark with a picture of Art Ross in it.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

K Jim McManaman reported that through your volunteer efforts, 800 Christmas trees were sold at our lot this year. The weather was very cooperative and our tree stands were able to display our trees to their best advantage.

It is with a heavy heart that we heard the news about K Dr. Gilbert Howey. K Jack Tweddle reported that K Gilbert was involved in a very serious car accident just before Christmas and is now in the Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario. Gilbert will soon be moved to the Lyndhurst Rehabilitation Centre in Toronto as Gilbert has family there. Gilbert suffers from paralysis. The extent of the permanent nature is, as yet, unknown. Once Gilbert is moved, we will send you his address so you may send a card and good wishes. The more notes of encouragement being sent, the more Gilbert will feel his Kiwanis family's support.