The Builder for July 12th

There were twenty-one raucous Kiwanians present at the luncheon meeting held at Stone Tree on Thursday. Kiwanians were warmly greeted at the door by PD Gord Harris and Kiwanian Bruce Jobe. Kiwanian Marion Koepke read the objects of Kiwanis and also assisted PP John Prettie in leading Down by the Old Mill Stream....where the tune went adrift.

Speakers Corner

PG Gary Levine, Secretary Julia Levine and PD Gord Harris shared their experiences attending the KI convention in New Orleans. With a backdrop of pictures taken by PG Gary, PD Gord's description of the highs and lows of Bourbon Street and K Julia's excitement over the Dr. John campaign for International President, it was evidently a wonderful time.


Our Kiwanians were decked out in Dr. John T-shirts. This photo is by PP John Prettie. PP Don Sweatman is still attempting to use his Etch A Sketch camera. Keeping shaking it Don...

A Fine Time!

K Joanne Horton confessed to a Montreal May long weekend amid the student protests. She did not protest, however, about her $3.00 fine. K Marion Koepke splashed away her time with her family at a grand cottage in Sauble Beach.

PP Kevin Dandeno was left home alone while his wife and daughters went to NYC (Home Alone Kevin - soon to appear on a movie screen near you...) PE Gord was happy to tell of his pre-convention days in New Orleans and his post-convention Canada Day in Bognor. Both were full of bright lights and lots of fun.

PLG Al Kelly noticed P Linda Van Aalst didn’t have on her K pin, due in part to a wardrobe malfunction, which is way too much information. PP Peter Little expressed chagrin that PP John Prettie was panhandling again at the Liquor store. A kind Kiwanian by the name of Susan Davey came to his aid as he was short 40 cents when paying his bill.

PP Andy attended his niece’s very sunny wedding in Muskoka while PLG Al Kelly cooled his heels on a refurbished chug tug. K John Cottrill had a magnifico three weeks vacation with Colleen, particularly revelling in the beauty of Tuscany. (Editor's Note: Precisely the place where son Mark proposed to our daughter-in-law Emily.)

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


P Linda presented her President's Rose to K Russ Pierson for his work looking after our Kiwanis Wishing Wells. You will see our well at Whispering Pines this summer. If you know of events where the WWs could be placed, please let Russ know. We wish you well with collecting cash for Kiwanis!


Thanks to the Food Committee and all of their volunteers for helping out at the Campers' Appreciation Breakfast on Saturday at Whispering Pines. The campers were hungry and appreciative.


The 50/50 draw winner for this week was PP Elwood Moore who just happened to draw his own ticket, proving that with age comes wily wisdom...

Kiwanians wanting to escape the winter that is coming should plan ahead and book your February Kiwanis cruise of the Western Caribbean!


Cruise information is available

on our Kiwanis Club website.