The Builder for July 7th

This past week there were 22 Kiwanians present along with K Sean McMurray's son Owen attending as a guest. PE Linda Van Aalst chaired the meeting as President Bob Miller was in Geneva Switzerland attending the KI convention on our behalf.

A Fine Time!

K Gord Harris paid a fine for enjoying his day away on the Bruce Peninsula a bit too much.

PP Peter Little was called for having his phone turned on during the meeting disturbing our speaker. He had previously paid the price for his trip to Gananoque by donating his blood to the million mosquitos he encountered.

Happy Loonie Days!

K Gord Harris is now a powerful man as his solar panels have been approved. K Jed Phillips and his band Switchback gave a powerful performance at the Meaford July 1st celebrations. Through the power of counting by 5s, K Bert Hood and his wife Donna are now married 50 years!

K John Prettie was feeling the pride of being a grandparent as he baby sat his granddaughter and changed a entire diaper. Pool time anyone? K Doug Cleverly is justifiably proud that his daughter will be attending York University studying Fine Arts. His 50-50 win couldn't have come at a better time...

Each Kiwanian donated to celebrate K James Culligan's announcement that he is six years cancer free and the Secretary of the Prostrate Cancer Society. Congratulations K James!


Speakers' Corner!

K Rebecca Mills was our first presenter to talk about her life experiences.

As this is a newsletter and not a novel, let us say that her life as a blacksmith, Whitehorse prospecting cook, Alberta oil rig cook, almost air traffic controller, grounds keeper, caterer and all around horse-lover kept us all very entertained. Giddy up

K Rebecca!

K Steve Sired has gone from being a chemical technician, life insurance agent to owning several Mister Transmission shops in places such as Peterborough, Guelph, St. Catharines and Owen Sound.

His year and a half sailing trip to through the Caribbean left us all envious of that life experience. Ahoy there Captain K Steve!

K Lorne Rich may have been born in Toronto but Owen Sound has been his home.

K Lorne studied commerce at U of T, applied himself to accounting and apparently enjoyed a number of social events. His passion has been keeping the men in Owen Sound looking their best. Kornblum's Men's Wear celebrated 50 years of operation in 1997. Keep dancing K Lorne!

Thank you from Alexandra School!

Students in the Grade1/2 class presented President Bob with their thank you note at the year end Terrific Kid's assembly.

Principal Denise Horvath is thrilled with our TK program and looking forward to working with Kiwanis again.


All photos courtesy of PP John Prettie