The Builder June 16th

This week at Stone Tree there were 18 Kiwanians from our club in attendance along with our two new inductees. We were honoured by the presence of fellow Kiwanians from Collingwood, Orillia and Meaford. In attendance were K Helen and PP Gord Hume from the Kiwanis Club of Collingwood, PLG Bob MacDonald from the Kiwanis Club of Orillia, K Stan and K Len Baker from the Kiwanis Club of Meaford. PLG Don Burnard from the Kiwanis Club of Sarnia, a Key Club Director was our Guest Speaker.


A Fine Time!

A warm round of applause greeted our Tardy Twosome K Joanne Horton and PP Peter Little.

Our caterer supreme K Rebecca Mills had to pay up for her flashy new Chevy HHR. We are so pleased she can transport all of her delicious pies to our BBQ on Saturday night in the back of Catermobile.

PP Peter Little and K Ted Horton did not fill out their attendance slips correctly. K Gord Harris may need to give them a refresher course...

K Paul Strimas sold PP Peter Little a 50/50 ticket after the draw had taken place. Great initiative K Paul....too bad about the getting caught part.


K Paul Strimas led the induction ceremony for James Culligan sponsored by Past Lieutenant Governor Al Kelly and Robert Harvey sponsored by K Ted Horton.  PLG Gary Levine introduced James on behalf of PLG Al and K Ted introduced Robert.

PDP Gail Norris presented the K Kits and explained each item contained within.

President Bob Miller gave out the Kiwanis pins and welcomed the two new members into our Club.

New Kiwanians Robert Harvey

and James Culligan

PP John Prettie handed out the Builder Aprons and explained their function. PP John provided us with pictures from our meeting. Thanks again PP John!

Speaker's Corner!

PLG Don Burnard

Photo: PP John Prettie

Find out more at the
Key Club Website!

PLG Don Burnard was our guest speaker from the Kiwanis Club of Sarnia. He spoke about empowering teens by starting Key Clubs. He explained how to start a Key Club and all of the pluses there is in having Key Clubs in your respective communities.

Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

With a membership of over 250,000 students as members of 5000 clubs in over 30 countries, Key Club is a valuable program for high school students.

Hopefully our club will be able to provide this great opportunity for the youth in Owen Sound.


Thank you!

K Steve Sired read a glowing“thank you” letter from the Owen Sound Girl Guides of Canada who used our group campsite at Whispering Pines for a week campout.  Despite the weather, they had a great time. From the camp facilities to the helpful staff, the group felt so welcome. Great job WP!