In Memory of Kiwanian Hermann Ackermann

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a loyal and hardworking Kiwanian, Hermann Ackermann. He was always so generous with his time and talent, creating chocolate truffle gems as gifts for special guests and for our fund-raising efforts. We will miss his gentle ways and warm smile.

Bernice Ackermann has asked that those who wish to make a Memorial Donation may do so to the Grey County Kiwanis Music Festival in Kiwanian Hermann's name, the Georgian Bay Symphony or St. George's Church.

The Celebration of Life Service at St. George's Anglican Church will be Thursday, June 30th at 2 p.m. with the visitation one hour prior to the service.


Luncheon Meeting


This past week, in the Marquis tent at Stone Tree, there were 10 Kiwanians present along with our guests Jonathan Farmer and Valarie Planz, a supervisor from the Business Enterprise Centre.


A Fine Time!

A rousing round of applause greeted our Tardy Reporter K Stew Andrew.

PG Al Kelly and Honourary K Ann went on a driving excursion around the Sound and they also had a day away to Penetanguishene.

K Gord Harris and Elizabeth biked to Cape Cod, Bar Harbour and Quebec City with like-minded motorcyclists.

PLG Linda Van Aalst confessed to a trip she had previously confessed to namely her trip with Kees to Toronto to view the Ontario Parliament at Queen’s Park, to kick up the heels at Billy Elliott and they struckout at the Jays game. Or was she just fillibustering to prolong those memories....

P Bob Miller paid a toonie for a trip to Markham and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Happy Loonie Days!

PE Linda Van Aalst paid a toonie to acknowledge the success of our recent BBQ at Whispering Pines. Pictures from event on our website photo gallery as mentioned in last week's Builder.

PP Jed Phillips paid a toonie to acknowledge the success of the play Jake’s Women in which his wife Jane played the hysterically funny psychiatrist.

IPG Gary Levine paid a toonie because although he was driving Secretary Julia’s car when it was dented in a back up collision by someone who hadn't learned the value of the rearview mirror.... no one was hurt.

PG Al Kelly revealed that his car got backed into and the estimate to repair it was $2600 but a friend of his actually did the work for $450.   PG Al was thankful for the savings and the memory was worth a toonie!


Speaker's Corner!



Jonathan Farmer

Photo Courtesy of: PP John Prettie

Jonathon Farmer is studying “the Arts” at Quest College in Squamish British Columbia. He has returned to his hometown in Owen Sound to start up a summer business called “The Story Ark”.

Jonathan creates a historical record of the memoirs of clients who wish to leave a DVD history of either themselves or their family history. 

Jonathon first interviews his client and then returns to video tape that person who narrates their story.  He then edits the taping and is able to add still pictures provided by the client to make a one and half to two hour DVD.  

You can obtain more information about this endeavour at



P Bob Miller would appreciate knowing how many Kiwanians would like to visit the new Georgian Bluffs Bio-Digester in Derby Township.  PLG Linda Van Aalst suggested we could get Stone Tree to make up box lunches rather than sample digester bi-products...

We need to know if there are sufficient club members interested. Please email President Bob yea or nay.