The Builder for June 2nd, 2011

This week at Stone Tree there were 12 Kiwanians in attendance and one guest. For those who are able to attend, let's put Thursday on our calendar to show support for our young speakers this coming week.


A Fine Time!

Kiwanians are certainly getting around. K Gord Harris confessed to a trip to Elora for a Biker’s rally. PP Andy Drury wanted to go to Elora but his bike broke down. Perhaps it's time to go back to your own pedal power Andy.

PP Jed Phillips confessed to a trip to Merry Ole England and the Scottish highlands. With their daughter Paige as their guide, he and Jane had a grand time. PP Peter Little paid a happy toonie for visiting with his daughter, the Big Apple of his eye in New York City.

Happy Loonie Days!

There is wedded bliss in our club. PP John Prettie paid a happy toonie for he and Val's 37th wedding anniversary and K Steve Sired paid as well for his 4th wedding anniversary with Flo.

Talent abounds as PP Jed Phillips paid a toonie to advise that his wife Jane is acting in Jake’s Women. Be sure to check it out this week as it runs over several nights. Options....options...K Jim McManaman paid a toonie as his wife Kelly. She reminds Jake of a happy times. You too Jim?

PP Peter Little anted up to advertise the Steeple Chase fund raiser for the restoration of the St. George's Church Steeple. It is an iconic part of our city's skyline to be sure.

K Jim McManaman paid a toonie because he hit a deer and no one was injured other than the deer! Dear me...

Speaker's Corner!


Susan McGowan


Our speaker at this week's luncheon was Susan McGowan.

Susan is a Forest Health Specialist from the Ministry of Natural Resources.  She had a great slide presentation highlighting the most prominent bugs and fungi that attack our coniferous and deciduous trees in Grey/Bruce Counties. 

Susan has agreed to visit Whispering Pines in the summer to see what insect pests we may have in our woods. No...that's not unruly campers.

Thank you Susan for volunteering your talents!


Did You Know?

K Gord Harris told us that1000 pop can tabs = one pound of metal and a pound of metal = 62 cents.  It take two tons of pop tabs to purchase one wheel chair and since 1993 the bikers have purchased 1360 wheelchairs to date.

Kiwanians-To Do List!

  1. Please email K Rebecca regarding the Bag Lunch to let her know how you can help or if you are out of the country on June 23rd.
  2. Also please send an e-mail to K Blake about who you could approach for Loonies for Kids.
  3. Mark June 9th on your calendar to come and hear our guests next week.