Board Meeting

June 19th

7 p.m.

All welcome!


Terrific Kids

June 6th

Dufferin School

PP Don Sweatman

June 24th

Keppel Sarawak

K Julia Levine


Summer Social


June 20th

Don't miss out on our summer kickoff social at

K Ted Horton's


beginning at

5 p.m...


June 22nd

Whispering Pines

Camper Appreciation


Volunteers are needed!


July 4th


Program: TBA


July 18th


Program: TBA


Kiwanis Music Festival


PP Peter Little and

K Kelly Haefling are putting out an all call for Kiwanians to step up to sit on the Music Festival Board. This is a major Kiwanis project that needs our help?

Please contact either K Peter or K Kelly.


June Birthdays


Ann Kelly 2
Nancy Hertz 24
Mary Jane Dandeno 21
Gord Koepke 20
Donna Kaufman 25
Noreen Little 30
Andy Drury 30


June Anniversaries


Valerie & John Prettie 1

Steve and Flo Sired 2
John & Karen McLachlan 10
Paul & Susan Kirk June 18
Marion and Gord Koepke 24
Kelly & Pat Haefling 28

The Builder for June 6th, 2013

There were 25 Kiwanians and two guests present at our luncheon today. Past President Dave Parsons led us in the objects of Kiwanis. A get well card was circulated to be signed for PLG Al Kelly as he is at home after a recent stay in the hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.


A petition was also circulated for those wishing to support the retention of the Marine Rail Museum. A community rally meeting will be held on June 18th at the Legion at 7 p.m.


LG Gail Norris shared information about a contest draw for the 2014 Tokyo Japan for those who bring in a new member to their club so keep your eyes open for a person that has a Kiwanis heart.


Our 50/50 draw was won by President Gord Harris who donated his winnings back to our Eliminate project. Remember that a toonie protects a new born from Tetanus. Our Kiwanis Wishing Well is available for events by contacting K Russ Pierson. It is a fun way for us to collect some change to help us change the world...It was fitting that K Russ was our fines collector for the day.


Speakers Corner!


L: Kim Allerton R: Pam Coulter

Photos by PP John Prettie

K Jim McManaman introduced Landscape Architect Kim Allerton and the Director of Community Serviced Pam Coulter as our guest speakers. They spoke about a new partnership venture with our Kiwanis Club that involves the building of a skateboard, scooter and BMX activity park.

PP Andy Drury thanked our speakers who shared a video of youngsters commenting at the current skateboard park. Local youth had input about the features at the new setting adjacent to the Rec Centre. Trees and lighting will complete the space which utilizes the Coliseum cement pad. There was discussion about the need to engage the youth of the City and the great visibility of a Kiwanis SK8 Park sign to be erected at the entrance.

The club voted unanimously to endorse a $100 000 dollar commitment to be paid from 2014 to 2019 in $20 000 installments. The City will be moving forward on our new park.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


Congratulations to Kiwanian Chief Bill Sornberger being honoured as a Member of the Order of Merit presented on May 24th by the Governor General. Now K Bill not only has the initials of H.C. (Head Chief of our Kiwanis Club Kitchen) but he also has the official initials of M.O.M. after his name. If you don't believe your editor, you can check out the GG's webpage.


We are so pleased to announce that our Second Annual Yard Sale was another great success. We raised approximately $1100 with leftovers to be donated to the ReStore. Congratulations to Fundraising Chair Doug Cleverley and his crew of willing volunteers. The KCK also made it's grand bright sparkling yellow debut at the yard sale as well.


PP Bob Miller shares a great Kiwanis moment!


"In the afternoon of our Coffin Ridge Social, I was working in the yard wearing my Kiwanis "Ask Me" tee shirt when the The Spa Guy truck pulled into the next door driveway.  A very cute young "Spa Guy" hopped out of the truck, noted my shirt and asked me if I would help her remove a heavy hatch so she could get at the workings of neighbour's hot tub. I said "Certainly, but ask me about Kiwanis" which she did. I gave her a quick spiel about our local and International projects including IDD and Eliminate and she responded with "Do you accept cash donations?" She forced $30 into my hand and I promised to send her a tax receipt. So, the morale of the story is: Wear Your Kiwanis Gear- it pays to advertise!"


Those Were The Days...

A great time was had by the many Kiwanians and guests who attended the May Social at Coffin Ridge Wineries. See you on the shore at K Ted's on Thursday, June 20th after 5.