The Builder for June 7th

There were fifteen Kiwanians present at the luncheon held at the Stone Tree Golf Club on Thursday. Distinguished President Bob Miller wielded the gavel in President Linda Van Aalst stead.

Speaker's Corner

Robin McKenzie of the Ontario Early Years Centre at M’Wikwedong was introduced by K James Culligan.

Robyn told us the vision of the Centre is to build a strong, united community where cultural barriers
do not exist. 

The Centre is a meeting place where native families can interact, promote cultural programs while providing services to benefit children now and into the future. 

She showed many pictures documenting the learning and fun offered by the Centre.  There are also many group events for families throughout the year focusing on native culture, ceremonies and crafts.

At the end of Robyn's talk and at the request of the members, Robyn performed a solo drumming while singing the Wolf Song in Ojibwa. 

K Doug Cleverley thanked Robyn for her entertaining and informative talk about the functions of the M’Wikwedong Centre.



A Fine Time!

K Doug Cleverley described his trip to Toronto where he participated in a tandem bicycle event to raise money for “Ride for the Heart”.  Doug said his partner was visually impaired so Doug was the navigator. Doug and his friend raised over $1000 for completing the 50 km ride. Great cycling K Doug!

PP Don Sweatman related his trip with Karen to Greece for which he was assessed a $5.00 fine.  PP Don also paid a happy toonie as his daughter will soon be home from Taiwan for good.

K James Culligan paid a toonie as an expression of his pride that he will soon become a Canadian Citizen; currently James has citizenship in Ireland and the United States. Congratulations K Canuck, citizen of the world!

 K Ron Downs confessed to a trip to the Big Apple so the fine took a bite out of that memory...

50/50 winner: PP Don Sweatman donated his winning to M'Wikwedong.

We build!

Stay tuned for our summer meeting schedule!