The Builder June 9th

Seventeen Kiwanians and three guests attended our luncheon meeting at Stone Tree Golf and Country Club. Kiwanian Ted Horton was met with a warm round of applause for his appearance. Our Mystery Greeter Kiwanian Kathy Nunno received a welcoming handshake from all Kiwanians. That's the spirit!

A Fine Time!

Kiwanians are apparently footloose and fancy free as many added to our coffers for their time away.

K Ted Horton spent time in Belleville while K Guy Chouinard was in Quebec City celebrating his niece's wedding. Also attending the nuptials was K Don Sweatman.

K Linda Van Aalst was in Queen's Park and then followed that with a trip to Casino Rama....betting on the next election perhaps?

K Ted Stevens had to pay the piper for his new acquisition, a 2007 Californian Porsche. K Ted can been seen in his driveway buffing his vehicle with tender loving care...

Happy Loonie Days!

K Kathy Nunno paid a happy toonie as her daughter Vanessa has been accepted to Guelph Humber University in Toronto. She was also very happy to be able to introduce her daughter as a guest today.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

 K Kathy Nunno introduced Vanessa Nunno, Alona Keeshig and Paige O’Neil from St. Mary’s High school. Sixteen students and two teachers journeyed to El Salvador to see Hagar Padre Vito Guarato which translated means Orphanage for Children. 

 The students presented a digital slide presentation showing the orphanage and the people living there. It was certainly was an eye-opening experience the girls will never forget.

Our Kiwanis Kids Outreach program had donated $500 to help Vanessa with her travel expenses for which she was very appreciative. 



From Left to Right: Alona Keeshig, Vanessa Nunno and Paige O'Neil

Photo courtesy of: IPG Gary Levine

Kiwanian Sean McMurray thanked our speakers


A Note of Thanks!


On behalf of the Host Committee for the 94th EC&C District Convention, I am writing to thank the Owen Sound Club for their assistance in helping to host our convention.

Thank you for your $500 donation to host the official opening, for the $500 to provide much needed refreshments for the Volunteer Room and for the many club volunteers who assisted during the convention - PP Don Sweatman, K Guy Chouinard, K Ted and Candy Horton, K Phil and Linda Gignac,  K Gord and Liz Harris, K Bert Hood and K Dennis Hertz.

The Host Committee met for 16 months prior to the convention. The work of K Susan Davey, K Peggy Moulaison, K Shelly Shakes, IPG Gary and K Julia Levine, PLG Linda Van Aalst, DPG Eric Crose, PP Kevin Dandeno, PP John McLachlan, and PP Marilyn MacKinnon made a significant contribution to the overall success of the Convention.

Division 8 did host a memorable convention for our District. The Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound made an impact on the success of the Convention.

Thank you,

DPP Gail Norris

Host Chair