The Builder for March 1st

Our luncheon was held at Stone Tree Golf Club at noon today with Distinguished Past President Bob Miller at the gavel. There were sixteen Kiwanians in attendance with three guests. President Elect Gord Harris hosted Paul Matthies, Ross Thomson and Reg Martin.

Speaker's Corner


Photo Courtesy of PP John Prettie

Our speaker was former Bluewater District School Board teacher Peg Archibald. She has recently returned from her teaching job in South Korea.

She showed us a slideshow of her experiences teaching English at a private school there.

Peg went on to explain that smoking is the leading cause of death in Korea and that it has more suicides than any other industrialized country in the world. As there aren't enough women to marry, men often go the Philippines to find a wife. She did say she was treated very well there and that the people were very warm and friendly.

A Fine Time

As K Russ Pierson won our 50/50 he was our able fines collector. Kiwanians paid the price for their travels. PP John Prettie enjoyed his week at the Mayan Riviera in Mexico while PE Gord Harris had fun in the sun in Florida playing tennis and golf. He did not admit to seeing PP Don Sweatman and K Guy Chouinard. He did say however that he understood that there was now an abundance of golf balls in the Florida water hazards courtesy of generous Canucks. K Sean McMurray has escaped the wilds of Calgary.


Thank you to PP Bob Miller for submitting the following Roeism from the first of only two issues of The Hornet, the first Kiwanis newsletter. It could be taken as a suggestion for any of us on how to approach life.


"Try it! No man ever learned to swim, sitting on the edge of a puddle watching a frog.”

Volunteer Needed!

Terrific Kids Assembly presenter needed for March 30th at 9:10. You are all done by 9:30. It lifts your spirits to see the youngsters receive their Terrific Kids certificates, rulers and pencils.

Please e-mail: K Julia if you are willing to help out.