Our Kiwanis Club Builder for March 15th

There were eighteen Kiwanians present with Kiwanian James Culligan bringing his better half, Eleanor Pauling along with friends Andy and Sheilah Fletch. President Elect Gord hosted John Johnston for another Irish celebration luncheon.

Speaker's Corner


Our guest speaker this week was our resident Irishman, Kiwanian James Culligan. K James came wearing the green and hurling for Ireland. He regaled us with some Irish lore and he demonstrated the ancient Gaelic team game of hurling which has been played for over 3000 years.

K James spoke about the game of Hurling in Ireland which was introduced to Canada in the early 1800’s. Soon it became the game of ice hockey because of the weather conditions in Canada. The sliotar was replaced by a puck and the hurley stick shape was modified into the hockey stick.

For those who don't know about hurling....On the field the players use a wooden stick called a hurley to hit a small ball called a sliotar. They may put the ball between the opponents' goalposts either over the crossbar for a point or under the crossbar into the net guarded by a goalkeeper for a goal which equals three points. Check out the hurling video on You Tube to see some amazing action!

K James told us about a legendary figure in Ireland some 5000 years ago named Fionn, the son of a High King who lost his mother at birth. When he was out training for life and cooking a salmon on a fire he burnt his thumb. He stuck his thumb in his mouth to relieve the pain at which time he gained incredible knowledge of the salmon. He continued to stick his thumb in his mouth when in times of trouble to gain super human strength. This lead to his great skill in hurling and the many battles he won with his hurley.

That's a right thumbs up!

K James explained the story of St. Patrick who was a minister in England who was abducted by raiders and brought to Ireland. He spent time caring for sheep as a shepherd rather than his flock at church. When he returned to England he tried to convert the pagans to Christianity. He returned to Ireland to develop the fusion between paganism and Christianity and used the 3 leaf shamrock as the symbol of trinity. He explained the Irish cross symbol where there is a cross with a circle in the centre of it to symbolize the fusion.

Thanks K James for your entertaining talk, hurling us into an entirely new frontier.

A Fine Time!

K Ted Horton and PP Peter Little found that being late always pays as does letting you attendance slip...slip P Linda. Several Kiwanians were tripping the light fantastic as P Linda enjoyed her trip to Jamaica, PP Peter Little his time in Florida as well as K Marion in the Sunshine State. K Doug journeyed to Niagara Falls and helped the money flow advertising an event at St. Mary's Hall on March 17th. Advertising pays...dearly. PE Gord enjoyed his spring outing with his motorcycle gang of friends. Vroom! Vroome! K James hurled to the States to bring back the equipment for his talk which everyone gladly paid to see it.

Kiwanis Updates


President Linda's rose went to Kiwanian Doug Cleverley for his hard work chairing our Fundraising Committee. K Doug provided information on the April 1st Day Non-Event. Invitations have been sent out to our community to help raise funds for our Harrison Park Playground.

Mark your calendars for a Kiwanis Giant Yard Sale at Whispering Pines on May 26th. K Doug and DPP Bob Miller are looking for other Kiwanians to help with this great fundraiser. Eliminate your junk to help us fund our Eliminate cause and other Kiwanis projects!

We are pleased to announce that PE Gord is sponsoring Paul Matthies into our Kiwanis club. The induction date will be announced in the near future giving us an opportunity to get to know our newest member better. Welcome Paul!

In Our Thoughts


We send our sincere sympathies to Kiwanian Steve Sired and his family on the loss of his son. Brian passed away on Monday, March 12th in Guelph at 42 years of age. A celebration of Brian’s life will be held at the Gilbert MacIntyre Funeral Home in Guelph on March 22nd.

Please mark your calendars for the Memorial Service for Marie Vaughan at the Kemble United Church on April 7th at 11 a.m.

We are pleased to report that Bernice Ackermann has returned home after spending six weeks at the Chesley hospital. We wish her well as she continues to make great strides in her recovery.