The Builder March 24th

A Fine Time!

There were 19 Kiwanians, two guests and three speakers present for lunch at Stone Tree this week. Our Mystery Greeter K Blake Bonham said he was all shook up – everyone greeted him! K Gord Harris brought Bruce Jobe while K Sean McMurray was host to Bruce Mills. Along with PP Bruce Price, we could have a Bruce Hat Trick!


K Sean McMurray confessed to a ski vacation at Blue Mountain and a trip to watch hockey in Detroit... highs and lows so to speak. PP Peter Little was kicking up his heels about a trip to Toronto with Noreen to watch Billy Elliott.

K Alex Morris is proud of his new Honda, K Phil Gignac is chuffed about his Matrix and K Bert Loopstra has a set of new tires in case they need them.

K Guy Chouinard confessed to a Florida golfing vacation while PP Don Sweatman enjoyed a family ski trip to Whistler BC. Summer versus contest!


Happy Loonie Days!

K Michelle Kobryn was thrilled that her youngest daughter is now married, as well it was her mother’s 85th birthday. K Stu Luckhardt paid a happy toonie as one of his granddaughters was in the provincial hockey finals in Stratford. No penalty there.

PLG Linda Van Aalst paid a happy toonie as she attended the Kiwanis Club of Orillia to hand out pins and their distinguished club awards.

PP Jed Phillips paid a happy toonie to hear IPG Gary Levine speak in his best Irish accent again. Thankfully that did not happen!

Terrific Kids Award Winners!


K Peggy Moulaison congratulated the happy award winners at Keppel Sarawak Public School on March 25th!


Read Around the World Makes An Impression!


Pictured are Emily Vokes and Ben Suchomel presenting the quilt to Ms. Oxberry, Youth Councilor of the Owen Sound Women's Center.

Many of you may remember going to classrooms and reading the Rag Coat in December.

From that beginning, K. Julia Levine's Grade Three Class collected scraps of material from home that held special memories for them.

They then stitched a baby quilt, completely by hand, each child taking their turn. It took a long time and a lot of perservance.

The class decided to donate their cozy quilt on March 25th at the Terrific Kids Assembly to the Women's Center in Owen Sound. As they put keep a child warm under their happy memories....



Speaker's Corner!


Desboro 4-H Potato Club Leader Karen Gillen gave a history and background of the Potato Club program. Tyler Dietrich, the club President explained what the club does while Renee Kuhl spoke about her involvement with the organization. She shared her sweet potato pie recipe with us. They were very gracious in thanking our club for our ongoing support. We now know how to grow out potatoes properly. These students are definitely not couch potatoes!

The lucky spud winners of the two potato pies that were auctioned off by K Stu Luckardt were PP Jed Phillips and K Sean McMurray.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


Membership Chair PP Jed Phillips reminds of us about The Power of One! He encourages you to bring out a potential member as a guest to a luncheon meeting. The club will sponsor their first two luncheon visits.

Get behind your captain! Team Captain K Gord Harris members include Kiwanians from Andrew-Harris, Captain K Ted Horton members span Hertz-Little, Captain K Sean McMurray sports members Loopstra to Moulaison while Captain Don Sweatman rounds out the field from Norris to Wilson. Play Ball!