The Builder for March 29th

Our luncheon at Stone Tree saw nineteen Kiwanis Fools show up for a backward lunch with dessert first, members wearing wrong badges and saucers on cups. President Elect Gord hosted incoming Kiwanian Paul Matthies and guest John Johnston. Past President Bruce Price won the April Fool's Making Words Game with 28 words, no fooling...


April Fool's Stories!

Judge Kiwanian Alex Morris awarded the first place April Fool's prank story to K Russ Pierson. He and his neighbours, The Brewsters, have had an ongoing exchange of April Fool's jokes for many years.

K Russ visited all the hardware stores he could find in Grey and Bruce County gathering up 97 old keys. He put a tag and the Brewsters phone number on each key and left them all over Grey and Bruce County in conspicuous places. The Brewsters were inundated with dozens of phone calls letting them know they had lost a key. They finally unlocked the prank. K Russ taught them about the real key to friendship.

In an about face, K Russ was at the neighbours for coffee when his son Andrew needed to use the facilities. Mrs. Brewster proceeded into the bathroom and began to yell as there was water all over the floor. K Russ thought his son had an accident on the floor and was mortified. He began to clean it up with a towel and realized it was indeed just water. Wondering what might have happened he proceeded to look in the toilet. The water in bowl blew up in his face. He again questioned what might be causing this and looked in the toilet again. A gigantic wave...again splashed in his face!

He later found out that whenever he looked in the toilet there was signalling going from Mrs. Brewster to someone else to someone on the roof with a leaf blower aimed into the downspout to the toilet. K Russ said they had practiced this trick several times to get it just right for one special person. One good flush deserves another....

K Ted Horton was the 2nd place winner with his story about a friend who had new windows installed and was called after the installation job was done to be told they had to remove all the windows because the installer had put in the wrong windows...a transparent scheme that would be a real pane...

K Doug Cleverley was awarded 3rd place for recalling the Dock 92.3 prank last year when they invited listeners to pick up their adapter for 3D Radio. City Councillor David Adair was one of the people who stopped in to the Radio Station....Politicians are indeed on a different frequency.

A Fine Time!

K Ted Horton, the last to arrive, managed a 25 cent fine for all due to their lack lustre applause, a $2.00 fine for his phone ringing and another deuce for his Granddaughter getting a new cast. Sticking to twos, Distinguished Past President Bob Miller paid 2 for his Granddaughter's birthday number 2 on April 1st. DP Bob's trip to Stowe, Vermont was more green than white so he provided some green for a fine.

K Rebecca Mills paid a happy toonie for her father's 90th birthday coming on Good Friday. That's a lot of candles to blow out! Kiwanian Stu Luckhardt paid $5.00 to recognize the birth of his 7th great grandchild – a boy weighing 9 lbs. 5 oz. A sizeable bundle of joy!

K Bruce Jobe paid to announce his temporary retirement as he sold his portion of the business. He spent time touring around on his motorcycle to celebrate. President Linda Van Aalst paid for her mini-break to Niagara Falls and the Casino there. Winning the fifty–fifty draw proves she was on a roll.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


Our club is hosting a Kiwanis Community Yard Sale at the Whispering Pines front lot on May 26th from 8 a.m. until noon. We are going to advertise table rentals ($25)to the community to take advantage of a great location to sell their treasures. K Paul Strimas and his WP staff are organizing the table rentals and set up. Our chip wagon will be brewing coffee to wake us up.

If your family or friends have anything to get rid of during spring cleaning, we will gladly turn it into cash for the club. From May 12 on, well loved garage sale items may be brought to MicroAge. BMTS has generously donated temporary storage space to us behind Kiwanian Paul's shop. We will not be accepting large appliances or furniture. Backs aren't what they used to be....So get rid of your clutter...We'll be glad you did!

The day of the sale we'd love to see a number of Kiwanians coming out to help sell our treasures and help manage the crowds we hope will be there. Come and haggle and have some fun! Let Chair Doug Cleverley, K Paul Kirk, DPP Bob Miller or K Julia know if you'd like to help out. It's a great fun-raiser! If anyone has any influence with the weather we'd appreciate that too!

Thanks to K Ruth Coursey for volunteering at the Terrific Kids Assembly on Friday, March 30th. We hope that K James Culligan is feeling better.