The Builder March 3rd

A Fine Time!

The 23 Kiwanians and two guests had visions of Caribbean Seas dancing in their heads as PP Peter Little confessed to trips to the Bahamas and Barbados. K Gord Harris, K Russ Pierson and PLG Linda van Aalst regaled us with their fabulous Kiwanian Cruise in the Caribbean. They admitted that their trip included a Service Club meeting with a local Rotarian Club. PLG Linda has a certificate to prove it! Does that make you certifiable?

K Steve Sired is refreshed after spending the past two months in Florida. K Bert Hood sent us an "Aloha" from his two week trip to Hawaii. Book ‘em Danno!


Happy Loonie Days!

PP Elwood Moore paid a happy toonie to say thanks for the cards, phone calls and best wishes directed to his wife, Rosalie. K Sean McMurray paid a happy toonie because his daughter got honours in her school work. Good thing she takes after her mother. PP Dave Parson and K Ted Horton paid a happy toonie to announce their new grandsons. Diaper change anyone?

Speaker's Corner!


K Jed Phillips rocketed us with plans for our renewed membership drive. K Ted outlined the details from now to the end of Sept 2011. There are many incentives in their program plans.



The Bellagio in Las Vegas!

Our club will be divided into teams. The team with the most signed up new Kiwanians by the end of September, 2011 will win a prize.The Kiwanian with the most new guests signed up wins a trip to the Bellagio in Las Vegas courtesy of K Ted Horton.

The Kiwanian with the most new guests signed up per month wins a prize as well. Do you have a colleague who believes in helping the community? People join Kiwanis because they are asked by an enthusiastic Kiwanian.

K Paul Strimas brought Greg Rodgers our Whispering Pines Manager.

K Ted leads by example. He has signed up Dennis Hertz as our newest Kiwanian! K Phil brought his guest Blake Bonham who was announced as another new Kiwanis member! The contest heats up.

3-2-1-Blast Off to our Membership Drive!