The Builder for March 7th


There were seventeen members present at our luncheon meeting today. K Paul Matthies and Secretary Marion Koepke both celebrated their return from the south by volunteering at our front desk. President Gord Harris hosted a visitor, Gordon Sturm of Windsong Horse and Carriage. Many of you will remember the wonderful horse and wagon ride through the streets of Bognor at Christmas time with Gord at the reins. We hope he will trot back to another meeting very soon.


The Objects of Kiwanis were led by K Belinda Bowler, our mystery greeter for the day. She was welcomed by all but two Kiwanians, who were fined for forgetting to welcome her. Give that hand a shake...



Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


K Doug Cleverley, our Fundraising Chair, confirmed that the Super Bowl event will take place again next year. This year's event was fun for Kiwanians and guests alike. A special thank you goes out to K Ted Horton for helping to make it the success it was. He's one super Kiwanian!


The committee will also be organizing our 2nd Annual Yard Sale to be held on Saturday, May 25th from 8 until noon at Whispering Pines. Please box up your spring cleaning treasures and we will get rid of them for you!


As with last year, we will store items at MicoAge prior to trucking the treasures to Whispering Pines. The dates for dropping off your items and those of your friends will be forthcoming. We will need volunteers before the event for sorting and pricing, along with volunteers on the day to sell our treasures.


The Kiwanis Cruise raised $775.00 with K Russ Pierson, P Gord Harris, PLG Linda Van Aalst and PP Kevin Dandeno as the floating interclub...


Past Governor Gary Levine announced that Kiwanian John Cottrill has formally announced his intention to run for the vacated Board position due to the resignation of K Reta Dimis. We are still looking for a current or past Board member who would consider taking over the President's gavel next year. P Gord is also looking for a Media Relations person. Stop the presses!


A Fine Time!



For those of you at our meeting today and those who were not present...there is a problem with this picture. If you can spot it, e-mail Editor Julia and your name will be entered into the

Bulletin prize draw!

The fine session today was a lively affair and at times it was unclear as to whom was setting the fines. From the flag fracas to determining appeals to Past Presidents, there were lots of laughs and our coffers were filled one way or the other. Whether it was Secretary Marion Koepke's month away in Florida, likewise K Paul Matthies southern trip or the K Caribbean Cruise Crew, fines flew fast and furious. K Bert Loopstra announced the Chamber China trip meeting on March 25th.


You Aren't Getting Older...

March Birthdays

April Birthdays

Gord Harris 1

Alex Morris 7

Jack Flagler 16

Bill Sornberger 26




David & Kim Clark March 15

Jed & Jane Phillips April 1st

Susan Kirk 5

Peter Little 6

Paul Matthies 7

Liz Harris 9

Linda Gignac 13

Flavian Quiquero  23

Gabe Nowak 24

Bert Hood 30


President Gord's

thought for the day

about volunteer service is...

Let's get dirty!