Our Kiwanis Club Builder for March 8th

There were twenty-one Kiwanians and eight guests in attendance for our special St. Patrick's Day luncheon. Distinguished President Bob Miller escorted his wife Ann, while President Elect Gord Harris brought his wife Elizabeth and K Bruce Jobe accompanied his wife Lisa. Colleen Walker was the guest of Kiwanian John Cottrill, Nancy Hay-Davis was the guest of PG Al Kelly while PE Gord included Paul Matthews and Reg Martin.

Our Special Program

PP Bruce Price, PP Jed Phillips and PP John Prettie combined their collective musical talents to become our own Kiwanis Irish Rovers. They regaled us with two Irish tunes with PP Jed strumming his Celtic guitar. See all of the wonderful photos taken by PP John at our Photo Gallery on our website.

PG Gary Levine was Master (of the Bad Irish Accent) of Ceremonies for our special St. Patrick’s Day Kiwanis Luncheon.  LGE Gail Norris and K Stew Andrew were our judges from County Blarney. 

Honourary Kiwanian Ann Kelly was unable to get Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune Fame to attend our luncheon but our very own K Marion Koepke was the blooming green replacement.  K Phil Gignac remembered 20 items on the tray K Marion circulated and he won the green prize.

Ann Miller was on the mark as she guessed 269 green jelly beans in the jar of 267...a real bean counter...Colleen Walker and Paul Matthews both got one gold coin in the bucket and collected all the pot 'o gold. How many words can you make from Leprechauns?  K Joanne Horton clearly won with 50 words leaving everyone else in her wordsmith leprechaun dust. Clever lass K Joanne received a key lime pie baked by Honorary Ann.



A special thank you goes out again to our dynamic programming duo of PLG Al Kelly and Honorary K Ann. They always go above and beyond the call of duty to organize activities, prizes and treats for all. May the Luck of the Irish be with you! As well, we would like to extend our thanks to Virginia Majury for her willingness to play for us once again. She received a green gift of appreciation.

In Our Thoughts

We are happy to report that our Man about the Keys K Bert Hood is recuperating well at home after his operation.

Bernice Ackermann wishes to thank us for the potted plant she received from the club as she continues to heal following her unfortunate fall. She is in the Restorative Care Program at the Chesley Hospital. Her number is 519-363-2340 Ext. 113 should you wish to call.

Our thoughts go out to Past President Andy Drury, his wife Cathy and family on the loss of his Mother-in-Law Marie Vaughan. The Memorial Service for Marie will be held at the Kemble United Church on April 7th at 11 a.m.

We are thinking about Kiwanian Donna Kaufman as she is recovering from her broken shoulder. We are keeping both K Donna and her husband in our thoughts as they face their ongoing health struggles.


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