Our 50th Edition of The Builder!

Your Builder committee comprised of Reporter Stew Andrew, Photographer John Prettie and Editor Julia Levine are proud to announce their 50th Edition since the launch of our e-newsletter in September, 2010. Your committee has tried to keep you up-to-date on news that is almost true... We hope you find The Builder informative without being too serious. Reader feedback is always appreciated unless of course it's critical....then we ignore it.


Luncheon News To Munch On

There were twenty-three Kiwanians present at the noon meeting held at Stone Tree Golf and County Club. PG Gary Levine conducted the 2012-2013 elections which included a full slate of Directors. He noted we are missing a President Elect to sit on the Executive. If you would like to work alongside PD Gord Harris and take on the reins the following year, we would love to hear from you. We thank all of those who have volunteered to sit on our Board of Directors for 2012.

Speaker's Corner!

PP Kevin Dandeno thanked Steacy on behalf of the club.

K Sean McMurray introduced Steacy den Haan who operates Prime Ridge Pure Dairy Farm with her husband Scott. They create a variety of pure, natural, artisan cheeses.  You can check out their products on their website or visit our Owen Sound Farmer's Market to buy some.  Steacy says it is a lot of hard work but she and Scott really enjoy the challenge.

A Fine Time!

P Linda recognized PP Jed Phillip’s outstanding Cabaret performance and fined all those who did not have the foresight to see the show.

K Bert Loopstra a.k.a. Speedy Gonzales was assessed a fine for his trip to Florida which included a fine as well from Georgia's Smoky the Bear patrol.

K Reta Dimis paid a happy toonie because she enjoyed her Read Around the World experience.  The kids sang Happy Birthday to Reta in three different languages as a thank you for her participation.

K Lorne Rich paid a happy toonie for his trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica and an additional $8 for his purchase of a new computer with internet hookup.  Special thanks to Bill Hawkes for hand delivering news to Lorne on a regular basis. Send us your e-mail address, Lorne! (Editor's Note)

K Marion Koepke paid to thank PG Gary and PP Peter Little for their courteous gestures including but not limited to picking her up and taking her to various K meetings. Thanks gents!

A little birdie told me that K Sean McMurray paid a happy toonie in recognition of the latest addition to his family, a cockatoo named Jackie.

The President's Rose

President Linda van Alst presented her President's Rose to PP Don Sweatman. She recognized PP Don for all of his efforts to keep our attendance records up to date, his help with our insurance matters along with his enthusiastic participation in so many of our events. You build...

PP Don!



We are in need of a Terrific Kids volunteer for Thursday, May 31st at 2:15. Note this is a different time due to EQAO Provincial testing in the morning at Keppel Sarawak. Please contact K Julia know if you are interested.

All Read Around The World volunteers are asked to let Secretary Julia know approximately how many children were read to, as these numbers are to be included in our month end report to Kiwanis International. Thanks again for volunteering!

Fundraising Chair K Doug Cleverley reminds you that our Kiwanis Community Yard Sale is fast approaching. Please consider donating your trash to help us earn cash! You may drop off your goods at K Paul Kirk's MicroAge now! There's lots of fun in this fundraising. If you wish to volunteer on the day of the sale, please let K Doug know.