May You

Not Forget

What Is


May 8th

Board Meeting


Community Living


May 10

Board Elections

Speaker: Stacey de Hahn who partners in a specialty

cheese operation

May 17th


Director of Services

Cathy Clarke from Keystone


May 24

50th anniversary of the Bruce Trail Speaker: PP Bruce Price


May 26th

Community Yard

Sale at

Whispering Pines

8 - 12

May 31

Coffin Ridge Winery

Social 5 p.m.


Upcoming Birthdays



James Culligan 2

Margie McLeod 3

Mary Lou Strimas 7

Reta Dimis 8

John Davey 8

Belinda Bowler 10

Julia Levine 13

Stew Andrew 19

Paul Strimas 22

Ted Stevens 26

Kevin Dandeno 30




Janet & Bruce Price 10

Heather & Russ Pierson



Roeism a.k.a.

DP Miller Time:

“The best club invariably is the busiest club”



The Builder for May 3rd

Eighteen Kiwanians were present at the Stone Tree luncheon. PE Gord Harris brought his guest Reg Martin while K Steve Sired hosted his grandson Justin Boné. Today's tardy trio receiving applause were K Sean McMurray, PP Don Sweatman and President Linda Van Aalst.


Speaker's Corner

PP Peter Little introduced our guest speaker, Heather Greenaway (Past Kiwanian Arnold Kuhl's grand daughter) who is a registered massage therapist and Bowen Practitioner here in Owen Sound.

Heather has been doing massage for about 12 years and the Bowen Treatment about 3 years. The Bowen Treatment is hands on to specific points on the skin similar to Meridian and Acupuncture. The Bowen technique is very effective on such ailments as, but not limited to, arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain, stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, asthma and the nervous system.

Heather Greenaway graciously answered our many questions and was thanked by PP Bruce Price on behalf of the club.

A Fine Time

K Sean McMurray's wife borrowed PE Gord Harris’ truck and then lost the keys in an elevator shaft while in Toronto. K Sean drove down to Toronto and came to her rescue. He paid a toonie for his Otis elevator adventure.

PE Gord Harris paid a happy toonie because his daughter was not injured when she totaled PE Gord’s car. PE Gord paid the $20 he got on the 50/50 draw as his fine for the purchase of a new car.

K Marion Koepke paid a happy toonie for a trip to Ottawa representing the Owen Sound Police Services Board. K Marion noted that PG Gary Levine had also been there. P Linda assessed the fine. Book him Danno...

K Doug Cleverley paid a happy toonie as his daughter has now shed her braces and has straight teeth. That's something to chew on.

What's in a name? Fines. President Linda Van Aalst noticed that K Doug Cleverley and K Paul Strimas were badgeless and so that cost a toonie. PE eagle eyes Gord Harris then passed the chair to LGE Gail Norris because in P Linda's rush to get to the meeting President Linda was also without her name badge.

A Happy Bunch of Kiwanians!

Thanks to PG Gary Levine

for his paparazzi work!

Don't forget to come to our meeting next week to elect your Board!



Fundraising Chair K Doug Cleverley reminds you that we need your great treasures for our Yard Sale on May 26th from 8 until noon. Please drop off your goods at K Paul Kirk's business, Micro Age. We know we will have a lot of people stopping to shop so let's make money from your clutter. Please encourage organizations you may be associated with to book their own table for $25.00. This could be the start of a great tradition!