The Builder May 5th

Congratulations to our newest members

Frank Burnett and John Cottrill

for their induction on May 5th!

Convention Updates

DP Gail Norris is pleased to announce 440 registrants for our Eastern Canada and Caribbean Convention at the Blue Mountains. All of the months of hard work will do us proud as the pre-convention meetings begin on Monday. Well done DP Gail for successfully chairing our convention committee!

A Jolly Good Bunch

A special thank you to K Dennis Hertz for coming to PP Kevin Dandeno's rescue with a truck to transport risers for Governor Paul Toussaint's choir from Martinique. Thank you as well to K Steve Sired for providing a trailer.

K Bert Hood is sharing his talents at the Convention, providing soothing music for weary conventioneers. PP Kevin's band The Bearcats will rock the house on Friday night. IPG Gary Levine will be conducting a workshop, along with his House of Delegates duties. K Shelly Shakes is holding down the fort at the registration desk. PP Marilyn is making sure everyone is getting where they should be while PLG Linda Van Aalst is troubleshooting the house. K Julia Levine is keeping her fingers crossed that the decorations turn out well. These are just some of the many Kiwanians from our club who have helped and will continue to help make this upcoming convention a great success!

President Bob's Report

There was a great deal to report to the club. Please click on the AGM Presentation link to read the full details.A slate of officers for next year was voted upon. PLG Linda Van Aalst has taken up the gauntlet as Incoming President. There is still an opportunity for someone to step up into the VP role. Give President Bob a call if you might be interested in learning more.


While it was curtains for K Rebecca Mills, Timber... resounded through K Paul Strimas and K Ted and Candy Horton families. K Paul may not hear the call through the cries of his new twin Grandbabies. K Stu Luckhardt was pleased to update us on how well Pat is doing. It may be a knee jerk reaction but we wish K Stu well on his upcoming surgery in July.

Thank you to K Michelle Kobryn for taking notes this past week. There was such a lot going on. There will not be a Builder sent out next week due to the Convention.