A Happy Mother's Day to all!


May 7th

Whispering Pines

wood splitting



May 1oth

Food committee

Community Living

5 p.m.


May 19th


Important Club Vote!

Chapman House

Kids Activity Room



May 12-14

ECC 100th Anniversary Convention

Good Luck PG Gary Levine on your campaign to serve as our International Trustee!

Thank you so much to those who have volunteered to help out in Hamilton.


May Birthdays

Margie McLeod 3

Mary Lou Strimas 7

John Davey 8

Belinda Bowler 10

Julia Levine 13

Pat Tweddle 14

Stew Andrew 19

Paul Strimas 22

Linda Matthies 24

Ted Stevens 26

Kevin Dandeno 30


May Anniversaries

Jack and Pat Tweddle 23

Russ and Heather Pierson 28

The Builder for May 5th, 2016

Chairing today's meeting, in the absence of ill President Bill Sornberger, was Past President Don Sweatman. Greeting guests at the door were PE Susan Davey and K Paul Matthies. There were 25 Kiwanians and 5 guests attending our luncheon at the Inn on the Bay. DP Bob Miller introduced his wife Ann. K Steve Sired was pleased to announce his wife Flo. Treasurer Paul Kirk welcomed Rob Cordell and Scott Lovell from the Grey Bruce Hospice team. K Kerry-Ann Weaver was happy that her Mom, Ann Kelly was with her today.


PP John Prettie lead the singing with K David Kennedy reading the Objects of Kiwanis. Honorary Kiwanian Ann Kelly won the lucky number draw and then promptly donated that money back to the club in support of the Hospice. PLG Al would have been so proud!


Speakers' Corner!

Community Needs Assessment Co-Chair Paul Kirk, explained that the Hospice was part of the needs assessment meeting who then presented their proposal to the Board. The Board is fully supportive but this is a club decision. The Hospice was invited to come to provide information to the members prior to a club vote in two weeks time.













L to R: Chair Rob Cordell and Executive Director Scott Lovell of the Grey Bruce Hospice

Chapman House Fundraising Campaign

Scott spoke about his history of involvement with Kiwanis and his great respect for our organization. He explained the hope that Kiwanis will sponsor the Kids Activity room at Chapman House. There would be a TV, video games, puzzles etc. to allow children and their friends an accessible space to be themselves. The hospice is asking for a $125 000 donation to make a difference in the lives of all the families that pass through Chapman House.

PP Peter Little thanked the speaker, presenting a certificate and K pens to help them keep track of their donations.

A Fine Time!

PP Don Sweatman


Sheriff Sweatman

Delivering swift justice

PP Don took full advantage as fines collector today to rectify the empty fines box of the past few weeks.

Woe to the many that were on extended trips, fancy cruises, sailing excursions, with destinations from the Philippines to Arizona to New Orleans. Months away or just a day away was enough to face the justice of a Past President having a fine time...

PP Don's parting words were "Health is wealth"