November 14th

Board Meeting

Wednesday 7 p.m.

Community Living Building

Note the new day and time!

All members are welcome to attend.

November 15th

Luncheon Meeting

12:10 Stonetree

Kiwanian Susan Davey is bringing a very special guest. Come and be a proud Kiwanian!

November 29th

Evening Social

At Seasons, home of K Stu Luckhardt.

More information to follow.

December 14th

Christmas Party

will be hosted at President Gord and Elizabeth's home.

Happy Birthday

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November Babies

John Cottrill -11th
Trina Nowak -14th
Dave Parsons -14th
Gary Levine -21st
Steve Sired -22nd
Rebecca Mills -26th
Marion Koepke -28th

Happy Anniversary!

November 7th

PLG Linda van Aalst and Kees

The Builder for November 1st

There were eighteen Kiwanians present for lunch at Stonetree Golf and Fitness Club. Kiwanian Ted Horton brought a very special guest, Jeff Mundle from Mundle Electrical and Mechanical, K Reta Dimis hosted David Clarke and PLG, IPP Linda Van Aalst included Steacy den Haan from Primeridge Pure Foods Artisan Cheese. Steacy had been a guest speaker in the past and it was great to see her back with us again. PP Peter Little, PLG Al Kelly and PLG Linda were all greeted with warm applause as they joined us after the gong. The objects of Kiwanis were led by K James Culligan.

Kiwanians Were Blown Away!

Jeff Mundle, Mundle Electrical and Mechanical, presented a cheque worth $9280 to Kiwanian Ted Horton! Jeff generously donated labour and materials for our new hand dryers at Whispering Pines Campground. Thank you Jeff!

Speaker's Corner!

DPP Bob Miller introduced our speaker, Brent Fisher. Brent has spent 6 seasons with the Attack marketing the club and being involved in its Public Relations. He explained that the club has expanded their fan base by promoting the family entertainment aspect. They are finding an increasing number of younger season ticket holders for a healthier future.

Their advertising strategy and financial outlay has changed to remain current to include Twitter, Facebook, an updated website and a mobile app in the hands of 6000 users. Early bird season tickets have increased through a value added coupon booklet rather than a monetary discount. They have also hired a group sales coordinator to increase attendance. Brent shared several examples of putting information in the hands of their advertisers and fans. Brent's enthusiasm for promoting The Attack was clearly evident.


A Fine Time!

PP Jed Phillips paid for his fine time at the Reservoir Lounge on Front Street. PP Peter enjoyed his trip to Oshawa while K James and Eleanor toured the States and attended his granddaughter's wedding in a barn in NY State. PLG, IPP Linda met with an unfortunate incident with an iron and a pair of times in Tillsonburg!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

K Ted brought us up to date about K Stu Luckhardt's recovery from his surgery and his return to Seasons. We are planning an event there soon.

All our best to PP Andy Drury's wife Cathy as her medical challenges continue.

PP Don Sweatman is pleased to announce that his wife Karen is on the mend from her knee replacement two weeks ago. She is up on crutches and doing physio three times a day. Domestic Don is helping in his usual willing way...

Former Governor Gary Levine announced that shingles shots are available at the Health Unit. We were sorry to her that LG Gail Norris is currently suffering with them. Have you got your flu shot yet?

Please remember to sign up for your volunteer position on the Santa Claus Parade route. Remember to make those calls and visits to local businesses for financial contributions. Every donation helps. We want to keep track so please remember to enter your results!

President Gord's message to us this week: JUST DO IT!