The Builder for November 15th

There were twenty-five raucous Kiwanians present for lunch on Thursday at Stonetree Golf and Fitness Club. Former Governor Gary Levine brought PLG Bob Nicol's daughter, Kristy, of Carruthers Nicol Insurance Company as his guest. K Ted Horton hosted Brad Hill of Wardell Carpets.

It was a pleasure to see that K Stu Luckhardt was able to make it out to lunch as he is recovering nicely from his surgery. PP John McLachlan led us in the Objects of Kiwanis and in keeping with the spirit of the upcoming parade, PP John Prettie perfected Jingle Bells with a knife and fork accompaniment...

Speakers' Corner!

Our first presenter was K Susan Davey explaining all about the wonderful youth programs within the Kiwanis International Service Leadership Program.

K Susan is our Eastern Canada and Caribbean Builders Club Chair. K Susan outlined the many opportunities to involve youth in building leadership, encouraging citizenship and fostering service to the community.

Kiwanis International has founded Terrific Kids, B.U.G.S., Builders Clubs (Grades 6,7,8), Key Clubs (high school), Key Leader, Circle K Clubs (college/university) and Action Clubs. Clicking the link will take you to more information about Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs.

On Saturday, look for our Notre Dame Builders Club Santa Claus Cleanup Crew. They follow Santa and help tidy up the parade route. Please drop in to Shorty's after 11:30 to say hi to our Builders' Club students to thank them for their efforts. They are also to be congratulated on raising $56.00 for our Eliminate Project by selling cupcakes. Sweet!

K Susan had the pleasure to introduce Susan Montgomery, a local Mom and hairdresser at Smart Style Hair Salon. A happen stance conversation with John Davey about her son's reluctance to smile due to crooked teeth led to K Susan D. connecting Susan M. with KKO. A collaborative effort began.

Photo by: PP John Prettie

Dr. Brown was willing to take on Kenny's teeth challenge and through years of colour coordinated elastics, Kenny's smile has returned. Susan brought before and after pictures of Kenny's orthodontic work. Kenny also sent us a note to thank us for this life changing experience. Susan calls our assistance a miracle and urged us to keep putting smiles on peoples' faces. K Steve Sired thanked our speaker. For Kiwanians, it was wonderful to give meaning to....Kiwanis is a global organization dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time.

A Fine Time!

Secretary Marion Koepke confessed to a trip to Toronto to attend the Police Services Meeting which included some computer room service from PG Gary Levine...or so they say. K Ted Horton revealed that he and Candy were recently at the Bellagio in Vegas...cue the dancing waters. President Gord Harris was fined for not fining people enough...fine and dandy!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Don't forget to report to the DIA office on Saturday morning to pick up your marshalling vests. It is going to be a beautiful day for the parade so the crowd may be quite large. Thank you to all who are able to help out!

All hands on deck at the Christmas tree lot on November 21st from 4 p.m. to help with the set up. You will soon receive a tree schedule link to sign up. This is a great fundraiser and club volunteer effort.

Your Board of Directors approved the funding of a new pool at Whispering Pines to replace the current large saltwater pool. The new pool, costing approximately $75000 will be shallower than the old pool, thus safer for our campers. We build!

A Toonie Auction was held for a Kiwanis License Plate frame. The lucky winner was K Russ Pierson. Who will be the first person to spot his new plate around town?

50/50 Draw Winner:K Ted Horton....Back to Bellagio?

PLG Al Kelly brought a card to be signed for K Bert Hood's wife Donna who had a nasty fall. President Gord related that PP Andy Drury's wife Cathy is progressing with her chemotherapy treatments at University Hospital in London. PP Don Sweatman's wife Karen is improving daily with her physiotherapy.

President Gord's motivating statement this week is:

Let's Get Excited!