The Builder for October 18th

There were sixteen Kiwanians in attendance for our luncheon this week at Stone Tree Golf and Fitness Club with Reverend Ted Creen as our special guest. K Ted Horton led us in the Objects of Kiwanis. K Stew Andrew and Secretary Marion Koepke were our greeters at the front desk. PLG Al Kelly brought cards to be signed for K Phil Gignac, K Stu Luckhardt and Cathy Drury to wish all of our Kiwanis family healthy, happy days ahead.

Speaker's Corner


K Russ Pierson thanked our guest speaker who enthusiastically shared his stories and his pictures.

PLG Al Kelly introduced our guest speaker Ted Creen who came to speak to us about his trip to Malawi as a representative of the Presbyterian Church of Canada. He spoke to us about community initiatives such as drilling wells for safe drinking water, micro financing, the donation of goats and sewing machines. He shared his experiences with the wonderful people of Malawi and the hope for a better future there.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Our fifty-fifty draw winner was K Julia Levine who donated the proceeds back to our Eliminate Fund. All members are reminded that a financial decision is being made on October 25th about our Eliminate contribution level. We require a minimum of 20 members present to officially vote on this matter. Please make next week's meeting a priority!

Let's help our Santa Claus Parade by speaking with businesses you know to assist in funding our Parade prizes and bands. Please put your name beside a business or add one that isn't on the list. Congrats to PLG Al and Honorary Ann for stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run in raising $2500.00. They testify to the fact that making a personal call or visit pays...Whether a little or a lot, working together makes our club stronger.

More Good News!

DPP Bob Miller reminds everyone of the good work we can do by selling the Symphony's Coupon books. We receive half the money back on each $20 book we sell. He also shared that he and PG Gary Levine met with the St. Mary's High School staff to talk about the advantages of a Key Club at the school. He was pleased to report that Lani McMurray will drive the five students to the Key Leader Weekend in November. The weekend will be a wonderful leadership building experience for these high school students. We will look forward to hearing of their adventures.

K Stew Andrew announced that he has fifty days of work left before his happy retirement days begin...Speaking of good thoughts, LG Gail Norris shared hearing P Gord's advertising promotion of Kiwanis on the radio.

PP Peter Little was pleased that the Kiwanis Music Festival has received two grants this year, one especially targeted to increase senior participation. For more information about the festival, please go their website. Congratulations goes to our new Music Festival Board Chair, Secretary Marion Koepke.

PP Don Sweatman is asking that if you have attendance pins that no longer represent your perfect attendance years that you turn them back in. He would be happy to recycle them to other deserving members.

P Gord's Message Board this week: