The Builder for October 20th

Kiwanis Stu Luckhardt was the mystery greeter for eighteen Kiwanians. The Tardy Twosome of PG Gary Levine and PP Peter Little , along with PP Bob Miller ( who was distracted by P Linda Van Aalst) missed shaking K Stu's hand.

Speaker's Corner!

Our speaker Rick Hill, the Executive Director for Community Living in Owen Sound, was introduced by K Jim McManaman.

Rick gave us a brief past history of how the Development of Disabilities of Children has grown to the Community Living program which partners with 400 children and 350 adults in the Grey Bruce area. 

Rick spoke very appreciatively about the Kiwanis partnership. Our Kiwanis club financial supported the ARC Industries construction of the Community Living Building. He noted as well our continued support on their Foundation Board of Directors. Two Kiwanians sit on this board, President Linda Van Aalst and K Katherine Kenny. 

K Jim McManaman, during the question period, brought to our attention that it was the Able Body Maintenance folk who laid out most of the sod on our Kiwanis Soccer Field. Rick thanked K Jim for making that connection. K Alex Morris thanked Rick for his informative talk.

A Fine Time!

Kiwanians were on the road again....K Steve Sired confessed to a trip to Stratford for a Thanksgiving dinner with 42 friends and relatives. PP Peter Little traveled to the Eastern Townships to attend a wedding. PP Bob Miller drove to Gravenhurst to visit relatives.

There was a House Committee fine levied by K Gord Harris to whomever took a Kiwanis Banner from storage without his permission. PG Gary Levine confessed to borrowing the banner to shoot a video about the ELIMINATE Project on behalf of KI. Our club will learn more about this life saving initiative soon.

The President's Corner!

President Linda Van Aalst announced a few changes in the way our lunch meetings will be conducted. Instead of having the fine session and then the guest speaker, we will now have lunch and then listen to the speaker. All of this can be done within the lunchtime hour. Those who can only stay for the hour won't miss our great speaker, The fine session now follows the guest speaker so if you can't stay and don't pay.

Another innovation by P Linda is to recognize the individual work of a Kiwanian with a long stemmed Red Rose. This week's Red Rose Winner was K Gord. He was recognized for his volunteer service to the community as well as our being our dedicated House Committee Chairman who rarely misses a meeting. Way to go K Gord!

PP Bob Miller still has more GBS coupon books for sale. For those who may have booklets on consignment, please hand in your money.

PP Jed Phillips sends out a thank you to Home Depot for donating 10 large Rubber Maid bins for our Blue Barn.