November 3rd

CFOS Radio Morning Host, Bob Durrant is our guest speaker this Thursday at Stonetree.

During the Celebrity Auction, Bob's generous donation to co-host his CFOS radio show brought in $1500.00 for our playground project. This is our opportunity to say thank you to him in person. Please make time to attend our luncheon this week to hear of his most interesting life.

November 10th

PLG Al Kelly and Honorary Kiwanian Ann are putting together a very moving Remembrance Day Program. We look forward to all members coming out to take part in this important program. Wear your poppy and please bring a guest.

November 17th

Due to the Santa Claus Parade on November 20th, there is traditionally a round table preceding the weekend's activities. Once again we will gather at Kiwanian Belinda Bowler's wonderful restaurant, Boston Pizza.

November 24th

Inn on the Bay 5-7 p.m.. Tickets $20.00. We can change the world.

Thank you to Kiwanian Bert Hood for attending Keppel Sarawak School on Friday to represent our club at the Terrific Kids Assembly.

President Linda would like your input into who you think should receive the President's Rose. If you have any suggestions, please let her know.

Please hand in your GBS coupon booklet money to Past President Bob Miller.

Kiwanian Bruce Jobe was the winner of the lucky number draw.

Thank you to our mystery greet Kiwanian Steve Sired for shaking almost everyone's hand this week.

Don't forget that our monthly calendar is posted on our website:






The Builder for October 27th

At Thursday's luncheon meeting, there were seventeen Kiwanians along with two guests, Flo Sired and Fred Wallace, in attendance. The happiest Kiwanian this week was Kiwanian Gord Harris!

Our lucky Kiwanian Gord won not only the 50-50 draw but he also won a trip to Las Vegas as well. The trip was the generous donation of Kiwanian Ted Horton who wished to reward a new member sponsor from the past year.

Have you bought a lottery ticket yet K Gord....?

Those who sponsored new members this year were PG Gary Levine, Kiwanian Russ Pierson, Kiwanian Ted Horton, Kiwanian Phil Gignac, PP Andrew Drury, PLG Al Kelly and K Gord. Well done Kiwanians!

Speaker's Corner!

Fred Wallace, Bayshore Broadcasting radio announcer and sports broadcaster was introduced by K Gord Harris as our guest speaker.

Fred shared many stories and insights that he has accumulated over his 27 years in the radio business.  Fred says the Owen Sound area is perfect for this type of career and the opportunities are expanding.  Owen Sound has seen an increase in the number of radio stations, each filling a niche for the listening public.

K Paul Kirk thanked Fred for his informative talk.

A Fine Time!

K Gord Harris tried to levy a fine to all present who did not attend the Whispering Pines wood splitting work party. However as President Linda was not one who attended she felt it better that K Gord pay the fine and a fiver was placed into the fine box. Be careful what you wish for...

K James Culligan gave a happy toonie because he has a new granddaughter. Mazel Tov!

Wedding bells were ringing as K Ted Horton confessed to a trip to North Bay to attend a ceremony. Treasurer Paul Kirk confessed the he and his wife Susan attended nuptials in Hilton Head, North Carolina.

K Jim McManaman was fined by K Stew Andrew because K Jim left his Kiwanis ID badge on the table. K Stew saw it and returned it to the badge box.  P Linda agreed that K Jim should look after his own badge and not rely on others to pick up after him. There's a new sheriff in town...

PP Don Sweatman pinned Past Lieutenant Governor AL Kelly with his 27 years of perfect attendance pin that was announced at Induction Night. PLG Al and Honorary Ann were off celebrating their anniversary and Al's birthday as well that evening. A fine excuse indeed...

The President's Corner!

President Linda Van Aalst is excited to announce that on November 24th in place of our luncheon meeting, we will have a cocktail party reception at the Inn on the Bay from 5-7 p.m.. This will be an after work social time with wonderful appetizers and a cash bar. We are so pleased that International Trustee, Dr. John Button will be joining for our ELIMINATE Kick-Off Event. He has just finished serving as the Vice-Chair of this Global Project and is currently our number one spokesperson. He will attend to add social awareness to our social.


Our last Kiwanis International Project, IDD, made a significant contribution to changing the world. Our cocktail party will be a ticketed event ($20.00) with the hope that we will be able to raise some funds to kickstart our International Project. Raffle items have already been donated by PG Gary and Secretary Julia. If you have something special you wish to donate to the table, please let President Linda know.

We encourage you to look around your place of business and in your community to invite those with an altruistic spirit and a belief in helping those who can't help themselves. A toonie will save one baby from an excruciating death. Our goal is to halt Maternal Neonatal Tetanus.

Come on the 24th and socialize with your friends. Dr. John is generously offering to come and share his knowledge with us. Let's start things off with a bang!

President Linda extended the President's Rose Award to K Stew Andrew. He was recognized for his contribution to the club as our Builder's On the Spot Reporter. As well, K Stew faithfully makes calls to members to help boost our volunteer numbers for club activities and work parties.

Let's give K Stew a break and let Secretary Julia know that you want tickets for November 24th. That way K Stew won't have to call you...

We hope that between our club members and community guests we will have at least 60 present on the 24th. Mark your calendar to come after work on the 24th!