The Builder for October 6th

There were fourteen members present this week, with PP Don Sweatman presiding over the meeting on this election day. President Linda Van Aalst, a.k.a DRO, was busy ensuring that democracy was alive and well in Bruce Grey.

Our accompanist K Bert Hood and Choir leader PP John Prettie had the daunting task of directing our singsong today. What key did you say that was in?

Our Mystery Greeter K John Cottrill reported that only K Ted Horton, who spent the time schmoozing with the City Manager, had not shaken his hand. We will forgive that oversight in favour of our guest.

If picked up a copy of the Sun Times last week, you may have had the chance to read the wonderful letter about Kiwanis written by our Honorary Kiwanis Ann Kelly. It was a great public relations initiative. Thank you Ann for donating your time on our behalf!

Speaker's Corner


Our speaker this week was Owen Sound's City Manager Ruth Coursey.

Ruth, was introduced by PLG Al and thanked by K Russ Pierson. She began by complimenting our club for our many contributions to the city and its citizens.

From the soccer complex to the playground at Harrison Park, our partnerships with the city hall have enhanced life for the children of our community.

Ruth entertained us with her humourous tales of life in Tiny Township.

She has certainly gained an insight into Owen Sound in her short time here, with its problems and its opportunities.

Ruth noted several problem areas including the lack of a viable manufacturing base. There also continues to be a need for affordable rental housing and retirement developments. Property taxes are always a hot button issue. Police and fire services are major costs to protect our citizens.

It was a very entertaining and informative presentation. It appears the the city officials chose well in selecting Ruth for Manager and we came away optimistic for our future.


A Fine Time!

K Reta Dimis paid 50 cents for time spent filming the activities of a motorcycle club and a loonie for a new feature for her own bike to prevent it from rolling backward when pausing on a steep grade. PP Don Sweatman expressed interest in that gadget.

K Bruce Jobe paid $5.00 for a new Victory 1700 motorcycle. He probably doesn't require a reverse stop even for that monster.

On the subject of motorcycles, K Gord Harris has "T" shirts and crests available for the club biker gang.

K Sean McMurray paid $3.00 for another WOW trip to Ann Arbour MI and $2.00 for flying a U of Michigan flag on the McMurray front porch.

Happy Loonie Days!

Kiwanis Santa Claus Parade Chair Reta Dimis presented the very impressive Santa Claus Parade poster and promoted the new website which has links to the North Pole. It can be reached directly at Owen Sound Santa or via a link from our club website.

We will be receiving information from PP Andy Drury re:online donations, Facebook and how we can all help raise funds for the parade expenses.

Bands are a very expensive part of the parade so we will need to garner the community's financial support for our parade to be successful.

Workers are needed at Whispering Pines on October 22nd and 23rd. Lend a hand at our number one fundraiser. Send an email to Kiwanian Stew to sign up.