The Builder for September 18th, 2014

There were 18 Kiwanians present at our luncheon including our guest, the incoming Lieutenant Governor for Division 8, Steven Fielder from the Kempenfelt Bay Club.


Greeting Kiwanians at the door today were Kiwanian Susan Davey and Kiwanian Reg Martin. Wielding the gavel was Past Governor Gary Levine as President Gord Harris was on the frosty highways to Maine. Leading us in the Objects of Kiwanis was K Gabe Nowak while conducting the K choir was David Kennedy, soon to be inducted into our club.


As members arrived they were challenged to a bucket/ball toss in support of MNT. Each attendee donated a toonie for three chances to hit the basket. K John Cottrill was the big winner of the day...Each participant took home a fabulous prize...PG Gary also donated his 50/50 winnings to the pot which meant we raised enough money today to innoculate 25 families. That's a slam dunk!


Our fine session took a new twist today as PG Gary asked for a Sarg to come forward to assess fines, in the name of K Russ Pierson. He conducted a lively session assisted in the end by DP Bob Miller. Best Sarg line of the day...Only way to go to a Chevrolet, smoke a DuMaurier and drink a Labatt beer...


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

President Elect Paul Strimas

Photo by PG Gary Levine

Our Election Day was very successful. We came away from the meeting having elected a new President for this year, K Paul Strimas, an incoming President for the following year, K Bill Sornberger and two additional Board members K Alex Morris and K Gabe Nowak. We are so pleased to have such bench strength moving forward.

PE Paul Strimas spoke about the importance of working as a team and his preference for speaking one to one to resolve issues.


Speaker's Corner!

PG Gary shared a Kiwanis FORMULA video with us today. PG Gary personalized this for our club, showing Kiwanians from around the world and you too. This video is now on the home page of our website. As E.C.&C. Membership Growth Chair he spoke about the KI Formula for Success. Love it! Share It! Live it! He introduced PLG Gail Norris as one of two Division 8 Club Counsellors.


PLG Gail Norris spoke to us about her role with club leaders along with soon to be PLG Carol Ivey as a fellow Club Counsellor. PLG Gail will look after the western side of our Division. PLG John Hamilton is our Division 8 New Club Opener. There is the hope that Collingwood may be the site of a new club build.


PLG Gail looks forward to being part of the team to help build stronger clubs in growing new members and retaining current ones. Her belief is that success is possible through dedication, cooperation and creative thinking by all involved.

PG Gary thanked our PLG Gail, presenting her with a Kiwanis pin for her continued volunteer efforts.


K Susan Davey introduced our incoming LG, Steven Fielder. He spoke briefly about his optimism for the upcoming 100th anniversary year and the planned visit on December 13th of Governor Serge Viau to Division 8.


Remember that there is always lots of information about our Kiwanis club on our website: Share the link with a potential new member. Every effort is made to keep it current.