Mark Your Calendar!

September 27th

Stonetree Luncheon

Dennis Wiseman

Sydenham Sportsman Association

September 29th

Kiwanis Kids Craft Tent Tom Thomson activity day.

We need volunteers to help out. If you haven't used our Doodle, please use it now. You can also Email: K Belinda

October 4th

Stonetree Luncheon

Personal Adventures in Black History

Terri Jackson

October 13th

Evening Dinner

Induction of new officers


Plus K Jed will be there with his band Switchback. Our E.C.&C. Governor, Peter Tudisco will be in attendance to celebrate with us. Let's give Governor Peter a warm Owen Sound welcome!

October 18th

Stonetree Luncheon

Ted Creen

Trip to Malawi

November 1st

Stonetree Luncheon

Brent Fisher

Public Relations Director of The Attack

November 17th

10 a.m.

Kiwanis club of Owen Sound's

Santa Claus Parade

Theme: Christmas Around the World

K Reta is looking for volunteers to add to her committee.

February 24th

Caribbean Cruise!

The money raised will be donated to our Eliminate Neonatal Tetanus Campaign.

All of E.C.&C. is invited to join our Cruise. For more information check out our website.

The Builder for September 6th

There were eighteen Kiwanians present today along with our speaker, Lynn Gunson. President Designate Gord Harris temporarily had the gavel prior to President Linda Van Aalst's arrival from her talk show on Rogers. Front of House was ably looked after today by K Paul Matthies and K Susan Davey.

Speakers Corner

PLG Al Kelly introduced our speaker Lynn Gunson. from The Vault in Tara, who came to speak to us about Nordic Pole Walking. She explained that it burns 25 - 46% more calories than regular walking with less impact on knee and hip joints. The telescopic poles fit all sizes as do the adjustable hand straps.

Lynn demonstrated stretching and warm up dynamic techniques. She showed us the static cool downs along with the proper method of Nordic walking. For more information about this can be found at K Jim McManaman thanked our enthusiastic and fit speaker.


A Fine Time!

PD Gord Harris paid a fine for his phone ringing during our meeting. He had a fine time as well on his motorcycle ride around Lake Huron. K Andy and K Phil were unable to attend this year but with speedy recoveries of Cathy and K Phil, there will be more rides down the road.

Bad weather rained on PP Bob and Ann Miller's vacation parade which kept them from heading to the East Coast. K Jim McManaman did make it to the East Coast to meet up with Kelly and their children. His trip to Ottawa to the AMO conference as our City Counsellor kept him too busy to sightsee...or so he says...K Marion Koepke enjoyed Ottawa far more, visiting with family.

PP Andy Drury confessed to buying a six wheeler...a steering wheel, four on the ground and one in the trunk...his bells and whistles Infinity DX earned him a $10.00 contribution.

PG Gary was fined for poorly training of front of house staff who counted money during O Canada...a good slight of hand PD Gord. He was quick to correct their money counting as he was the winner of the 50/50 draw. PD Gord donated his winnings to Eliminate. Well done!

K Ted Horton had a shattering experience in France as a bus he and Candy were in was was hit by a rock thrown from a mower. Luckily everyone escaped unharmed. K Reg Martin sent his wife Pam to Croatia with her mother for a special birthday trip leaving him to fend for himself. Good luck with that K Reg!

P Linda's cruise to Alaska awarded her a $5.00 fine which quickly increased to $7.00 due to a Russia/American confusion...очень жаль (Too bad... in Russian)

Let's Celebrate! Let's Volunteer!


K Susan Davey was pleased to announce the restarting of the Builder's Club at Notre Dame School. She is looking for another Kiwanian who would like to assist her with this very enjoyable venture. It takes just a little time but it uses up a lot of smiles.


K Julia Levine reported her attendance on the club's behalf at the first Terrific Kids Assembly at Dufferin School on Tuesday. Next week she will attend the Keppel Sarawak's start to their fourth year. Please email K Julia if you would be willing to volunteer at a TK assembly this year. She will then just notify TK volunteers with assembly dates as they come up.




Pat Luckhardt 21

Val Prettie 28


John E. McLachlan 2

Elwood Moore 7

Karen Sweatman 7

Al Kelly 15

Jim McManaman 18

Clarke McLeod 18

Bruce Price 18

John Prettie 30



Mary Lou and Paul Strimas 23

Karen and Don Sweatman 26

Paul and Linda Matthies 30


Nancy and Ted Stevens 5

Alex and Tricia Morris 12

Ann and Al Kelly 15

Mary Jane and Kevin Dandeno 15